Why I’m Working Instagram More than other Social Networks

Instagram has become my new bestie social media and I’m finding myself on it more than any of other. When it first came out, I didn’t really understand how to use it and so I avoided it for a long while. I just thought, “Great!, another social network to keep up with!” But a few years later, after hearing so many friends raving about it, I decided to open an account and play with it. I immediately liked it.

With all the hundreds of socials out there you have to decide what marketing strategy really works for you especially when you’re running a blog or business. Some like Facebook, some like Twitter, or LinkedIn, others maybe it’s Snapchat. I still use the big guns like Facebook and Twitter, but now I’m automating my posts there and spending most of my time on Instagram.

What Makes Instagram Different from Other Socials?

While Instagram is familiar with Pinterest in the sense that they’re both primarily photo social networks, plus they generate more traffic to a blog or website. However, there are still differences in they way they’re used. Pinterest is about creating boards for inspiration, saving and sharing them. Instagram is about telling a story with a photo. And, I’m really learning more about this.

I love the flat lay photos on Instagram along with the incredible stories that accompanied them. If you aren’t aware of what flat lay photos are, they are typically pictures taken with the camera pointing down of different items sitting on a desk, table, or even outdoors. The items vary from food to crafting items, to fashion! This is a whole new artform of product photography. If you want to understand more, read my post about my new photo light kit.

A couple of older Instagram stories

I look at Instagram as an extension of my blog telling my life stories in a photograph. I share things like: what I’m working on, how I’m feeling at the moment, even my favorite beauty products and routine! It’s kind of like photo journalism…I’ve have a story to tell but I have to pick just the right photo to tell it.

Of course I’m not just posting, I’m reading other stories, commenting/interacting, and responding to comments. I’m probably spending about a couple of hours a day and my following has been steadily increasing since. Another reason I really like Instagram is that, for now, I don’t have to contend with all the ads, news I’m not interested in, and inappropriate content that’s on FB. Let’s hope it stays that way! ❤