Why do I love Blogging?

I can remember when I started my first blog. It was back in 2003 called Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet (nicknamed ORMG). I knew nothing about blogging back then, but I loved cooking and I had taken my mother’s recipes and tweaked them to be more gourmetish and decided to share them with the world.

I didn’t have a single follower and it took three years to get noticed. But along the way, I met so many fantastic bloggers, some were foodies as well. Others wrote about other things that were near and dear to their heart. I knew then that I wanted to be a full-time blogger. When I closed ORMG down, it was because I knew my heart was changing and going into the direction I had always wanted to and that was crafting, art, fashion, along with cooking. I’ve had several blogs but finally it’s a relief to combine everything I love in one place.

I have many reasons for loving blogging; I enjoy writing. I get satisfaction out of reaching inside myself and expressing my thoughts and experiences in words. I actually wrote my first poem when I was just nine years old. I went on from there to write my first poetry book, autobiography, comic book, and even short stories. I have plenty of imagination. I absolutely love to design and create. I also enjoy interaction with my readers and collaborating with other bloggers. At the end of a workday, I look forward to working on my blog, writing, researching, and even reading back through posts. I get such a blessing!

Blogging takes several elements that I like and combines them altogether like: writing, design, photography, and research. Even though there are challenging times deciding what to write about, I enjoy every part of it. I’m a big proponent of doing the job you love, I’ve held many jobs and I know what it feels like to dread going to work. But, that said, I learned a lot from those positions that I was uncomfortable in. I truly believe I wouldn’t have the necessary skills needed now if I hadn’t gone through those experiences.

Plus, there are always soft skills that aren’t necessarily taught in textbooks. You can always learn these working in groups. Experiences taught me more about my personality than any book. I found out what excites me. That’s not to say that blogging is easy, it isn’t. Obtaining readership and getting noticed by advertisers takes time and commitment. And when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. That’s how I know this is for real, because I can’t get away from it. I keep a notebook beside me for jotting down topic ideas and improvements I want to make to the blog. I’m always looking at ways to make the blog more visually appealing and the content rich.