Which Social Media Should You Use for your Business?

There’s tons of social media outlets there to choose from, however how does one get the most of social without going crazy trying to find the best one to use?
I was inspired to write this from an article sent to me by a good friend. Because I use social mainly for business, I’m always looking for new ways to better use it for promoting and selling. For many years, I started using primarily Facebook but I’ve since transitioned to using Instagram more.
Every industry is different and the audience you’re seeking is important to note. What social media outlets do they post on most? Have you tried several networks to promote your business? Where do you find the most success? These 3 questions should help you narrow down which social media you should concentrate on. In the article I read, this question was brought up and I really think it’s a great one… “which social network do you spend hours on?” (paraphrasing)…I thought about this for myself and hands down I spend a lot of my time on Instagram and look forward to seeing the posts and publishing on it everyday.
Even if you narrow down your marketing to just 1 or 2 social outlets, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of other socials too. Services like IFTTT (If This Than That) can help because you can tie all your accounts together and when you post on one social, it will appear on all your socials simultaneously. And, IFTTT is free! Who doesn’t like that?Then you can spend the most time on the network you like most while just spending a few minutes to check the others for any comments or messages you may have received.
There are other schedulers like Hootsuite (which I use on my day job), Tailwind and a few others. These are premium apps so if your budget allows, check those out as well. 
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