When Life Gets Tangled Up, How do you Handle it?

I get so frustrated when I pick up a ball of yarn to start creating a pattern and find it is a tangled mess! I have absolute 0 patience to sit and untangle it! So what do I do? I end up taking the short cut by cutting out the tangles. Yes, it takes care of the problem immediately, but there’s a lesson to be learned by this.

I realized that I do this a lot in my own life. When a situation gets too muddy for me, I look for “exit, stage left!” (for those of us who remember growing up watching Snagglepuss). However, if I run from my struggles and challenges, first off I don’t learn or grow and my faith in God will weaken.

Truthfully, He knows that life is going to be all tangled up, but He has overcome it with His presence, words, and power ~ John 16:33. I know that I can’t make sense, on my own, through problems but He sure can. And, He can stabilize me so that I can rest in Him while He untangles the mess.

And, there’s many inspiration promises to read in the Bible. I love this app called, “Bible Promises” in the iTunes store. I have it on my iPad and what I love about it is there are over 500 of them categorized by topics such as: “perseverance, “faith”, “fear”, and much more. It also comes with a daily inspirational verse. I like going through the different topics and reading the scriptures related to that.

So, the next time I have tangled yarn, I’ll take the time to untangle it and while I’m doing it…I’ll be remembering that there’s a blessing even when things are a little muddy.