Use the supplies you have to make pretty cards

“You have got to make use of what you have. If you need a hammer and you don’t have one, use a pipe.” – Major Kira (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)

I’m a big fan of Star Trek and I’ve learned a lot of life’s lessons from watching all the shows from all the seasons. The quote above was what inspired me to write this post today. Major Kira was referring to a situation in the episode, “Return to Grace” speaking to Dukat who was about to go into battle with really a broken down ship and he was used to the best weapons but didn’t have that aboard this vessel. Kira was a resistance fighter and oftentimes she had to make do with what was around to do battle. Isn’t that the way life is sometimes? How many times have we had to almost invent a tool because we didn’t have the supplies for the job?

In cardmaking, that’s no different. I’ve only been at this for 6 months so I don’t have all the fancy stamps and die sets yet. I also don’t have many inks because there are just hundreds out there with no way I can buy every one of them. I add supplies to my stash slowly which means I buy one stamp set or ink pad in a month’s time. Still, I make use of what I have and I don’t let the lack of this or that stop me from making and selling cards. So, when I learned about Gina K. Design’s Wreath builder, I really didn’t jump onboard right away but I loved the idea and watched a lot of videos on it.

Finally last week, I bought it and it arrived today. Immediately, I went back to YT to re-familarize myself with how to use it. It’s really fun, however I don’t have Gina K’s stamp set that comes in a bundle. I could only could afford the stencils so I had to look through my stamps to see what would work. And, actually I used different sets from several companies to make these cards. I really like mixing and matching supplies from different vendors anyway.

So, basically, the moral of the story is “don’t let that you don’t have something stop you from being creative.” Yes, things work best when you have the right tools. I get that. All I’m saying is don’t hold back because you feel you need what another cardmaker has in order to do the same or similar technique. Don’t feel you have to go broke every week buying that new stamp set or that new die or join this or that monthly card club. At the bottom of this post, I’ve listed a couple of YT videos on basic cardmaking supplies and I recommend watching those, especially if you’re new like me, to this awesome industry. Even with basic supplies, you can make the most beautiful cards!

Using the supplies you have to make pretty cards

For these cards, I wanted to use the Gina K. Designs stencils wreath builder but I don’t have the stamps that come with the bundle. I could only afford the stencils, still I was able to make some cards using stamp sets that I already had like the Simon Says Stamp snowflakes stamps and the Spellbinders layered flower stamp sets. By the way, if you want to see how this wreath builder works, check out Gina’s and Jennifer’s videos on YT here and here.

To color the flowers and snowflakes, again I used a combo of what I had (links with the colors I used are at the bottom of this post) which was from Gina K. Designs, Hero Arts, Simon Says Stamp and traditional Distress Ink.

Using the supplies you have to make pretty cards

Also, I had no idea what I wanted to do with the center so again I looked through my stash and came up with 3 different stamps for the sentiments. There are even times when as I’m looking through my supplies, I find stamp sets that I bought and hadn’t used and forgot I had them! OH BOY! Now the wreath builder makes 4″ x 4″ panels but I wanted A2 size cards so I had to figure out what to do with the extra space. I decided to use Pinkfresh Studio’s large washi tape for the background of the card bases. Several companies are making these oversized washi tapes in beautiful designs and patterns. This one is their rainbow design and it is really pretty. I placed my square panels on top with craft foam for dimension and I really liked how they turned out.

Using the supplies you have to make pretty cards

It is sooo hard to hold back from buying new tools but the reality is not every tool that comes out is right for me. I’m trying to learn to appreciate what other crafters make without feeling like I want to make the same thing they do. At one point in my early days of cardmaking, I felt like unless I had the latest and greatest like everyone else that my cards would never turn out good. That’s wrong thinking! We can definitely learn from each other but in the end we have to find out own way. We have to follow our own path to crafting. After all, it would be boring if all our creations looked exactly the same, right?

List of Supplies:

Below are links to the products I used and some of them are affiliate links meaning if you purchase through them, I’ll earn a small commission and it is no extra cost to you. Your purchasing helps support our small business and we appreciate that so much! – Kim

Recommended basic cardmaking YT videos:

Use the supplies you have to make pretty cards