Treating Working from Home as a Real Business

One thing that’s important about working from home is really treating it as a real business. It’s not as easy as owning or leasing a building because at the end of the day you leave it and go home. But, a work from home business is still a real business if it’s treated as such. I had to really learn that because I remember in my early years I would get asked a lot if I had a real business. When I said I do and work from home, I would get funny stares. I suppose that is because at that time people thought having anything other than a brick and mortar business was a hobby.

Today, it is readily acceptable and even desirable to be able to work a business from home. It’s less costly for one thing and it’s easy on the gas! But to treat it other than a hobby means first you think of it as a career. I do control my schedule to a point, but I have to work the hours necessary because I know that it’s up to us (hubby and me and Jesus) to bring in the income. There’s a lot more responsibility on us as with a building like taxes but we had to make other decisions as to how we designed our apartment to separate work from play. We have to be disciplined. We have to stay energetic, consistent, and committed.

We have to plan our days with to-do lists, organize show dates, place orders, produce new products, answer customer inquiries, and advertise. And, we decide how many hours to put it in. For example, hubby gets up early to do photo shooting and comes home to do his post processing. Then he moves onto other tasks but by late afternoon, he’s done for the day. And, he doesn’t go back to the computer until the next day. I get a later start and because I divide my role between my day job and the business, I end my day a little later than he does but when that time comes, I stop too. I use my evenings for creating and writing.

Every business owner has their own work routine. So we all have to find what works for us, but one thing in common we have is that no matter where we work from, we have a real business.