Tips to Prepare for a Busy Work Day

When I know I have a busy work day coming, organizing the night before is key. One of the first things I do to prepare is: (a) write out my to-do list putting only the urgent project deadlines in it; (b) keep each project in a separate folder so I can easily reach for it when it’s time to work on it; and (c) prioritize each project so that I hit the more important deadlines first.

But there’s also intangible things to do to prepare and I’m sharing some of mine today:

  1. Take a nice soak. Pampering myself helps me remain in a good mood and calm.
  2. Read a good book. In my case, I like to sit back in my lounge chair and catch up on bloggers that I follow and read their posts. 
  3. Eat a good dinner. I like to eat a good meal, not overpowering but enough to be full.
  4. Get a good night’s rest. That means going to bed a little earlier. This way I have all the energy I need in case overtime hours will be needed. Plus, I’ll need all my brain power operating on full thrusters. My day job consists a lot of problem-solving, updating web content, and communications.
  5. Keep a good mindset. I don’t like to look at an upcoming busy day as something to dread. Instead I look at it as an opportunity to learn more and to be productive at the end of the day.
  6. Schedule something fun to do in the end. This helps me to have something to look forward to when my work day is over. Maybe there’s a movie I want to watch while crocheting or catching a sunset with hubby.
  7. Listen to praise music. I love singing to church worship songs. I have a YouTube playlist that I listen to which always lifts my spirits because my mind is on praising and worshiping Jesus.

Busy days will happen and preparing for them isn’t difficult when you do a little organizing and taking time to mentally reset.