There are Many Types of Moms

This will be a short post cause I have to get ready for church soon! I seem to struggle every Mother’s Day when I have to post and today was no different. It’s difficult for me because my mother and grandmother have been gone for many years now. Plus, I’m not a mother. But, as I was thinking about what to write, my thoughts turned to women who are mothers in different ways.

We often think of our biological moms, mine was terrific! And I’ve written posts about what I learned from her. But, I think the ladies in the world who influence and affect children and young adults ought to be praised today too. They can be counselors, Godmothers, spiritual moms, teachers, stepmoms, mom-in-laws, grandma, great-grandma, adoptive moms, even big sisters who often have to raise their younger siblings! Any woman who is a role model in my book is a mom!

Women were made to have that a nurturing spirit and it came directly from God. There’s a special connection between a mom and daughter, something you can’t gain anywhere else…it’s like having someone to look up to and a best friend in one. There were things as a woman I could only talk to my mom and grandma about. Today, we celebrate Mother’s Day and this is to all the Moms out there whether you’ve had a child yourself or not. Whatever your role is, you’re important because you’re guiding the future generations!

Happy Mother’s Day!