The Lady in Red

I love the color red and I love wearing it. It’s a rich color that improves my mood. I took a color theory class at work many, many years ago but I still remember parts of it and I love the study of color. My brown skin was easy to detect that I’m between an Autumn/Winter and the colors that look good on me are fushia, red, dark blues, purple, and gold/browns. I can get away with white (like winter white) and of course black. But pastel colors I refrain from wearing as they tend to wash me out.

Color is such an integral part of our lives. Just the right colors can cheer you up and others can make you feel sad. In decorating, it’s important to paint the walls with the right color because you want your rooms to be inviting, easy to be in, and even inspiring. Same thing with wearing the right colors for your skin tone. Here’s a link to a color theory quiz plus it explains the process a bit more.

Because I’m ethnic, I needed a different color analysis so here’s a link if you fall in this category. Have you done a color theory analysis before? What season do you fall into? Tell me in the comments!