The CHRISTmas Story

Today is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Whether or not you believe He was born on December 25th or May 25th or some other month doesn’t really matter. The important thing is He was born. And, on that day there was joy, because He would become the Savior for all mankind. Our sins were destroying us and The Lord knew it. His love, so great that He could not stand by and just continue to let us kill each other off. And by the way, there’s many ways to kill without using physical weapons.

His birth meant that He had a plan to save us. The only requirement for us was that we believe on Him and receive Him in our hearts. Then, this wonderful transformation would take place. We would find ourselves wanting Him, wanting to be more like Him, and wanting only Him. Our lives would no longer be marred with sinful actions, thoughts, and words. We wouldn’t have to feel depressed with no hope, we wouldn’t be going around life in some maze with no way out.

The CHRISTmas story has different meanings for all believers because Christ has a different relationship with us all. He literally saved me from suicide, I know He has saved others from crime, addictions, self-righteousness, and whole host of other sins. This is not about shopping for gifts or even giving to the poor during this time, nothing wrong with either things…I just want you and I to focus on the meaning of the story. It’s about celebrating the birth, the death, and the resurrection of our Lord and Savior who has made the whole world. This is the Creator of the Universe and all that we know. This is for Him and all He has done to write the ship we were sailing on. This is the day to pay tribute to The Only Wise Savior, be glory, power, dominion reign forever and ever.

We have an everlasting hope that no one can take from us. We have His promises of yeah and amen and there are no other gods. He is The One and Only True God there is and ever was. He is The Holy One, Emmanuel, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. He is Jesus Christ, our Lord Forever. Hallelujah Lord Jesus!


  1. sue james says:

    AMEN, you are blessed!

  2. Thank you Sue and Merry Christmas to you!

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