The Best Book to Read

Not everything in life comes with an instruction manual. But life itself does. And it’s a shame we don’t read it more, including myself. I love the Bible and I thank God for it everyday because without it, how would I know what to do with my life?

There’s 10 reasons why this is the best book to read:

  1. God wrote it so that we wouldn’t have to scramble through life without a guide.
  2. The people in it were like us and struggled through the same things we do and their stories are encouraging while others are a warning to not to make the same mistakes they made.
  3. The prophecies foretold have and are still coming true today.
  4. There are promises to God’s people to remind us that our God is almighty to handle anything.
  5. The history explains how life began and why we’re in this spiritual war.
  6. The book of Proverbs contains so much wisdom to have good character and discern right from wrong.
  7. There’s songs and prayers of worship as a pick-me-up to bring laughter to feed the soul.
  8. The Bible teaches us how to pray and know the heart of God.
  9. It lets us into what to expect in the future when Jesus returns for the church.
  10. Best of all, we know in the end God wins over the enemy! And His people who receive Him will be with Him forevermore!

When you’re trying to assemble a piece of furniture, you know how important those instructions are, right? Without them, the piece won’t get put together correctly.

A pattern is needed when you want to sew that pretty polka dot dress, crochet, or knit that beautiful super scarf scarf. And, in order to live, we need the Bible.


  1. Thank you lady!

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