Staying Calm in the Midst of a Storm

I lived in Jacksonville, FL for a total of 18 hours, 8 of them before I met and married my 2nd Hubby and all those years, we constantly were under the threat of a potential storm during Hurricane seasons. We had a few close calls and even had to evacuate one of the years I lived there. We were always preparing, prepping and purchasing supplies including gas. But, through that whole 18 years, I can’t remember a time when people panicked and acted like the world was coming to a crushing end.

Now, that said…I’m certainly not implying this whole thing with COVID-19 isn’t serious. It is. All I’m saying is natural disasters, illnesses, downed economies, war, terrorism and a whole host of events have affected our nation and one thing for sure is: we got through it. God always helped our country. We lost a lot in the process, especially 911. That will always stick in my mind. But, again, God helped us heal and move forward.

I know this isn’t the typical post but this subject tugged on my heart today and I just had to write down my thoughts. Think of this as a sweet reminder that when we trust in God, He will see us through. Jesus slept in the boat when an amazing storm hit (Matthew 8:23-37). The disciples tried to steer away from it but couldn’t and their fear increased to the point that they thought they were going to die! Finally, they shook the Master to wake Him up. Jesus calmed the storm down and they were left wondering. He wasn’t disturbed because He controls the weather, the sea, the earth, etc. He’s able to calm things down. That doesn’t mean our individual situations change all the time, but what it does mean is He’ll either: (a) remove the storm or (b) walk with us through the storm.

Read the stories of Daniel in the lion’s den, Daniel the 6th chapter, he wasn’t delivered from the den, but God saved him from being attacked. The three Hebrew boys weren’t delivered from the fiery furnace, Daniel 3:16-28, but God actually walked in there with them and they weren’t scorched or even cinched by the fire.

In my life, I’ve experienced (b) a lot more but at the end of those storms, I was a better person for having gone through it with Jesus’ help. Somehow, a peace that things would be okay was there and I felt that today when I had to do some grocery shopping. We live primarily in a retirement community but everyone I saw at the store today was smiling, laughing, and talking with me. It was one of the best feelings I had when I left the store, even moreso because I wasn’t feeling all that great when I first got there. My heart was heavy and going stir crazy yet God was with me and He had me run into all those lovely folks at the store who just lifted my spirits.

Let’s remember through these tough times that God will see us through. He’ll walk with us and give us the strength to come out the other side better than before. One last thing which I think is most important…be kind to one another. It goes a long way to getting through trials and it builds each of us up so that the time passes easily and more swiftly. God bless you!


  1. Georgia Kent says:

    Whatsoever lovely! Very good post sis! Sweetest blessings! <3

    1. Kim McDougal says:

      Thank you so much Sissy!!! Hope all is well in your camp! Love you!

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