Spring has Sprung and The Rhodies are Here

We’ve been waiting for the sun to shine and the warmer temps to appear. In addition, we’ve also been waiting for the rhododendrons to peak since they only stay around no more than a month. These flowers grow up and down the Pacific coast and come in a variety of colors. When I see them, I know spring has sprung! So, this year we had an early rhody flower show at the local events center and hubby and I went.

Lots of people here grow these flowers and they belong to a Rhody club. Each year, ribbons are awarded for the flower entries. Hubby and I saw some really unique rhodys. Now he’s the pro photographer in the family, but I’m the one who flocks to flower shooting so I broke out my new trusty camera phone and took these shots! ENJOY!

photos courtesy of Kim McDougal