Saying Goodbye to Another Year

Every year has its good and bad points and 2019 was no different with the loss of my brother. Many people lost their beloved this year. However, I’m choosing to focus on the good things that happened this year so that I end it on a good note.

First off, I remember when I stopped yarning (crocheting and knitting) and wanted a hobby bad with my hands, cardmaking entered the picture. I wasn’t even thinking along those lines but after running a card shop at my former church, paper crafting had taken a bite outta me! So in June, hubby and I opened Kim’s Handcrafted Cards on Etsy. Within six months of opening:

  • We made more than 112 sales (in the Shop and offline sales)
  • We had new blog readers thanks to the Shop and Pinterest
  • I was able to add more supplies like new stamps and dies and tools
  • I subscribed to a monthly card kit from Simon Says Stamp
  • Many, many craft goodies were donated to me from dear friends
  • I made close to 300 cards
  • Was able to sell cards locally both in shows and at a permanent location
  • Hubby added a large collection of photo cards which were even more successful
  • The Shop paid for itself with adding services like: Quickbooks and Etsy Plus, as well as affording more supplies and tools without us having to out-of-pocket anything
  • Hubby sold out his 2020 photo calendars before the year was up!

Other successes I’m happy to share:

  • Improved my credit and was able to open a 2nd card. Thought I’d never have 1 card let alone 2! My rating is close to excellent now and I’m really happy cause this was a lot of work to get out of debt.
  • Still working on my weight even though the holidays got me a bit! I’m walking as often as I can and watching what I eat as well as my portions. My clothes are still big on me so that’s good, right?!
  • Finished 11 years at my day job. Never imagined being at one company into the double digits!
  • I saw my best friend earn her college degree despite health issues. This was such a blessing to watch how God healed her and yet through all the stuff she went through she graduated and with honors!
  • Decluttered a lot of unneeded stuff. This always makes me feel good when I clear up space to give something I’m no longer using to someone else. This year, I donated arts and crafts supplies like yarn, machines and other tools. Also, I donated clothes.
  • We paid our yearly self-employment taxes in full. This is also always a relief to us. We work hard to be frugal in our business and lifestyle.

My list doesn’t include stuff like taking a trip around the world or buying a new car…sorry…but still I don’t feel like we didn’t have a good year. Other blessings include how God has been with us providing what we needed, when we needed it. And Him being there for me when I had panic attacks to calm me down, His Word right beside me when I needed a verse and using others that said the right things to me at the right time. You can’t put a price tag on that. I’m so thankful that I had a bed to sleep in, I had food on our table and we had a place to live. Many don’t have those basic needs.

Finally, I’m so grateful to my husband whose support is phenomenal and I know I couldn’t do what I do without him pushing me forward. My best friend, Kassandra who loves and cares about me and to all my other friends who’ve always been there and had my back, I’m blessed to have them all in my life. I’m equally appreciative to all our customers who believe in me and my craft to purchase from us. Can’t say “thank you” enough!

I look forward to what 2020 will bring and I’ve decided to do a few new things like: (a) slowing down and enjoying the process (I’ll talk more about this in a future post; (b) hubby and I will write down every blessing that happens so at the end of 2020, we’ll open the jar and read them together; and (c) making more ‘me’ time (caring more for myself). I think I moved way too fast this year and overlooked some things. My main goal is always peace but I want to feel healthy and whole both emotionally and mentally so that’s a plan to work towards.

I hope and pray you have the best New Year’s and I wish you much happiness and joy for 2020. Thanks for reading!

Saying goodbye to another year