Say it All with Cookies and Milk

Remember back in the day at school, you took a break with the other kids to enjoy cookies and milk? I sure do. I don’t know why we did this everyday but I know I always looked forward to it. Even as an adult I still love cookies and milk and I’m even known to dip my cookies in the milk!
I think my reason for this post isn’t so much a cookie recipe but the whole experience behind enjoying a time in my life with when things were so much more simpler. I was a kid with no understanding of what the world was like or would be like. It was comforting to have break time and just enjoy a cookie and a glass of milk.
As I’m getting older, I realize how important it is for me to recapture moments where I have peace and tranquility. I long for this and knew I had to do something soon or I would be burned out of everything. Change is never easy, but a lot of times essential. My bad habit is collecting too much stuff and putting it away thinking I’ll use it later, but then later comes and the box hadn’t been opened! Keeping all this around me, just makes me feel scattered brained and makes the house harder to cool off plus it’s more to pack and move. Anyone that knows me well knows I hate packing!

So glad I re-designed my office space and I’m lovin’ it! As a graphic designer, I was always taught to be sure whatever I designed had adequate white space. For example, too much text and pics on a flyer can make it look too busy, even messy and the message gets lost. It’s funny, I remembered my design training when I got ready to re-do the office. White space on paper converts to white space in the room. And, that takes me to that place of peace and happiness eating my cookies with milk.