Reduce Stress by Minimalizing Craft Supplies

This is a rather short post today … I’m almost done with my first year of cardmaking and I’m so happy to made some really pretty cards with wonderful supplies! However, as I was looking around my craft room, I realized that I bought a ton of supplies this year, some of which I’m not using anymore. I figure this is not a unique problem and especially for creators like me who tend to hoard a lot of supplies. I don’t like having items that are just sitting around and not being used. This adds extra stress to my life which I have to monitor.

Stress is something we all deal with in one way or another. For me, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when I’m surrounded by a lot of stuff. I really have to be careful about how much I’m spending on new craft supplies and tools. Hate to admit it…but a lot of stuff I’ve bought this year I don’t even use. It’s not that I intentionally waste money, it’s more like I thought I could or would use a certain tool and come to find out, it either (a) doesn’t do what I thought it did, or (b) it doesn’t fit the kind of creating I do. Not every cardmaker has to have the same or similar supplies to make beautiful cards!

I do listen a lot to the crafty experts and take their recommendations seriously but still…at the end of the day it’s me who has to decide what kind of cards I want to make and what supplies work best with my creative style. Soooo… time to purge and turn over a new leaf!

How do I know what craft supplies to purge?

I know…this is a hard question because as makers, we all want to keep everything just in case “one day I may need that“. Right?! I have to say in my case, 90% of the time when I donated something, I didn’t regret it later. So, here’s my three key points to determine whether or not to part with any of my supplies:

  • Have I used that tool within the last year? If I have something sitting around that I haven’t used within one year or more, it’s probably because it doesn’t fit my creative style or it doesn’t do the job I need. It doesn’t mean it’s broken, it just means it isn’t working for me.
  • Do I have another tool that does the same or similar job? Crafting companies come out with new supplies all the time and many of them are similar to each other. It’s great because it gives every paper crafting the opportunity to choose the right tools for them. However, that said…if I have 2 or more items that do the same job, why keep them both?
  • Is it outdated for the type of crafting I’m doing? In other words, have I stopped crafting a certain item that I bought a tool specific for? This means the tool no longer serves my purpose and it’s a good indication to either donate it or give it away.

I actually feel great to part with items and give them to other people who I know will get great use from them. It’s gratifying and rewarding plus for me, less stressful. It makes room only for the items that I use a lot (and next month I’m planning to write a blog post about the items that changed my cardmaking so stay tuned for that!) Space in a room is crucial when you work in a small space like I do. I only have one long table in my room that I use for crafting and it constantly gets packed with stuff so I’m again in the process of de-cluttering.

Taking on a new leaf

One bad habit I need to break is every time I see a new crafty tool and how it can be used, I hear myself thinking, “is this something I need?” And a lot of times, I purchase that tool without really thinking how or if it can help improve my cardmaking. That being the case, it’s easy to accumulate a bunch of products and breaking my wallet at the same time! Hubby and I talked about this today and he reminded me, “You have to make a commitment to not buy everything you see just because you think you need it.” He’s right. So, going forward I must curb my appetite for craft spending and do my homework first. If an item is really something I need, okay fine… get it. If I can work around it or if it’s not something detriment to making cards, then maybe it can wait awhile before I decide to buy it.

Truth be told, we all have stresses in our lives so anything that we can do to lessen it will help us be happier and more at peace. De-cluttering is one of those things and replacing all the stuff we think we need, keeping only what we need can relieve a lot of tension.

So, how do you purge your crafty items or anything for that matter?

It be clothes, furniture, decorations…anything! Tell me your tips for de-cluttering of your excessive items by leaving me a comment, I really am interested!

Reduce Stress by Minimalizing Craft Supplies