Promoting your Blog

If you own a blog or contribute to one, then you know how important promoting it is. Back in the day, you could tell a few people about it, do some monthly SEO, hand out some business cards and you would see growth. Today, it’s a little different, or maybe a lot different! We have social media, mobile technology, different demographics of readers, and knowing your audience.

I think also having a schedule for when you’ll promote and sticking to it really helps. For this blog, I try to post daily and promote a couple hours after it publishes.

Here’s a few other tips I use to promote:

  • Social Media. There are tons of social networks available, but I had to determine which ones that I wanted to focus on. Also, results vary depending on which networks your audience uses. I focus mainly on: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I’m trying to do more on Pinterest, because I’ve noticed that I’m getting more shared pins. You’ll need to look at your social numbers to determine which networks you want to focus on. Also, I use (If This Than That) to automate my blog posts so that when I publish a post, IFTTT sends it to all my networks at once. This is a huge help that saves me time.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is still important to do to help your blog reach higher rankings in Google. In Blogger, I put my title of my post in the “search description” field. I also take advantage of labels. 
  • Offline marketing. Word of mouth is a great way to promote without doing much work. In talking to people, I have had many opportunities to mention my blog and leave them a business card with my web address on it. I also like putting my business cards in with orders. Vistaprint is a great place to get nicely-designed, professional and affordable business cards.
  • Email signature. When you send an email, which we do everyday, put your blog in the signature line. For example, you can say, “Be sure to visit my blog at” and make sure it is a live link. And, sync your email with your mobile device so your signature shows up with your blog every time you email no matter what device you’re using (laptop, phone tablet, etc.)
  • Commenting on bloggers I follow. I follow other bloggers and read their posts. So, when I leave a comment, I’m able to put my blog web address in. However, I will caution that I don’t comment just to drive traffic back to my blog. I really am interested in the content I’m reading and that’s why I leave a comment. In the end, you want readers who are interested in what you have to share.

The key to all these tips is that you have to strategically promote your blog to bring more visitors and it’s as important as creating interesting content.