Presentation is Everything in Sales

Anyone in the sales business, like myself, believe in our product line(s) whether we sell our own items that we make or design, re-sell items including digital products. But, it doesn’t stop with quality, salable items. How we package and/or ship them is equally important.

I love receiving nice looking packaging cause it sends a message about that seller. On the flip side, I’ve also received packages that were worn or half opened. That may not be 100% the seller’s fault, cause things happen at the mail carrier services. But, what I’m speaking about is not using protective measures like chipboard or foam to cushion the item and just putting it in a thin envelope. That makes me wonder if they didn’t care enough to ensure the product would arrive to me safely. And, I wouldn’t feel good ordering from them again either.

When I began selling my cards, I didn’t have the best mailing supplies and I knew I needed to improve that in order to gain more customers and retain the ones I had. I spent days searching for the right boxes and shipping envelopes that were functional, sturdy to protect my cards and looked professional. Think about it, how many times have you saved the wrappings or a cute box that you bought something? How quickly would you place another order with that seller?

No matter what it is that you sell, presentation matters. And, it extends to everything even when you go to eat at a restaurant. The way the food looks on the plate will either make you want to dig in and eat or not.

To wrap up this post, think about this…when you’re selling, more than likely you’re not meeting the customer in person so they don’t know much about you. So, you want to put your best foot forward throughout the entire customer ordering process. And, when I take my time preparing orders and adding special packaging touches, it makes me feel like I’m sending a gift to a good friend. That’s how I think about all my customers…they are friends.

Below are some resources that we use for our shipping supplies:

Below are links to the products I used and some of them are affiliate links meaning if you purchase through them, I’ll earn a small commission and it is no extra cost to you. Your purchasing helps support our small business and we appreciate that so much! – Kim

  • Clearbags – they carry a diverse line of products: clear bags, boxes, poly bags, zip bags, envelopes, clear plastic sleeves and they’re prices are wonderful.
  • White padded envelopes (8-1/2″ x 12″ on Amazon –; 6″ x 10″ –; 9″ x 6″ –
  • White Jewelry Boxes – perfect also for cards or other embellishments –
  • Uline – if you want to order in bulk, this site is good for that and they have all kinds of boxes in different sizes, brown and white!
  • Assorted Ribbons – I love using these for gift wrapping my boxes, it just adds an extra touch to every order.
  • Gift Tags – gift tags are so easy to add to orders especially when you write the recipient’s name. It just makes the purchase more special. You can even make your own gift tags if you have dies to cut them out. But if you’re in a hurry, this pack is perfect cause you get a bunch of colors and includes twine!
Presentation is Everything in Sales