Photos that Work for Blogging

Mostly all my friends know how much photography plays into my life…from my hubby’s nature photos to how I use it on my day job, to the several photo blogs I’ve done to my own blog now. I enjoy looking at photos when I’m writing. But what type of photos do I look at? What kind floats my boat? Here’s a few some of the best from this blog:

Besides loving the herbs, I love the angle of this photo and the reflection against the white table. I’m also a fan of clear jars and white bowls.
I love the phrase I chose here to remind myself that I’m not a fixer of everything in my life!
A beautiful array of pink and white flowers that brightens up my day.
I was writing about chicken soup and I love this photo because it also shows the veggies on the cutting board. Against the white, I’m reminded of eating more healthy.
This picture was used in my pesto post showing the ingredients that get blended together. I love the green leaves against the lighter colors making a really nice contrast.
My 2016 Thanksgiving photo featuring the pretty pink flowers against a white tablecloth or blanket.
I love pizza and with this photo, my eyes were drawn to the slices and toppings. Plus, it made me hungry so the photo caused a mood in me and that’s a winner!
I added a marble background to this photo which was just plain white. The marble gives it a little more pop. I look for this kind of background a lot in the photos I choose.
For blogging, this kind of picture works well because of all the objects on the desk. The writing on the tablet definitely signifies preparing topics and ideas before typing them on the laptop.
I love vintage photos and the only thing missing from this picture would be a throw over the chair and a book but it is still an elegant photo.
The boutique of flowers is the center of attention in this photo but I really like the bedroom background.
Another great top view of an office desk with a touch of creativity ideas.
This phrase I chose is to remind me to take my time and don’t overdo it!
Flowers on a table are very elegant but I chose this photo because I could put my own thoughts on the paper. It reminds me to never give up.
Any time I’m looking for a yarn photo, I’m drawn to it inside basket and I love the wooden table this one is sitting on. Plus the colors of the yarn also match the basket and table.
When I’m looking for photos, I typically look at:
  1. Does the picture move me in any way? Am I’m hungry if I’m looking at a recipe? Do I think, “WOW!, I gotta have that photo?” Photos that invoke mood are great to get a point across in a blog post.
  2. Clean and neutral colorways. I like a clean look with plenty of white space. It not only makes the post attractive but easy on the eyes to read.
  3. How pretty is the photo? How well is the composition? It’s important how to place items and props.
  4. Exposure. The photo has to have good exposure and not look fuzzy, grainy, or blurry.
Good, quality photos can increase blog traffic as much as bad photos can reduce it. So, that’s why I take a good amount of time on my photography when I’m writing because I want to put out a good product with every post.