Pass the Time Away on Dreary Days

When it’s yucky outside, how do you pass the time away?! On the Pacific Northwest coast, we get a lot of rainy days and sometimes windy and rainy days. So when the skies are gray and overcast, I think it’s a great time to play with apps! It’s also a good time to get caught up on some technical housecleaning.

Today, I’m sharing apps I’m loving right now and use on my smartphone and iPad. I’m definitely a techie girl and so I’m always looking for ways to make my life simpler and organized through technology. Here’s some of my favorite apps for passing the time away (the links below are for Android, but these apps are also available for Apple in iTunes:

  • Kitchen stories – This is a new app I found that I have on my iPad which really good recipes. They provide step by step directions with pictures and video. You can click and save your favorite recipes to your own personal cookbook.
  • SparkRecipes – A healthy recipe app on my smartphone, I save recipes that I want to try out later and build my meal planning from. The dishes are submitted by their members and each recipe gives you the calories, nutrition, and fat information you need. You can also search recipes by dietary like: vegan, vegetarian, low carb, gluten/lactose free, low fat, and sugar free.
  • Bubble Shooter – A fun game that is a great time waster. All you do is shoot three or more balls of the same color until you clear the board.
  • Bible Gateway Audio Bible – Great way to study or just relax while The Word is read. I LOVE the dramatized version, cause I’ve always love re-enactments and storytelling.
  • Recolor – Coloring Book. Do you like to color? Then this app is for you! It features over 2,000 unique coloring pictures and introduces new pictures everyday. Click here for the Apple folks through iTunes!

Then there’s the Big guns like: 

  • Instagram – I like to take time to clean up photos on my phone and use them to write stories plus I also catch up on reading others’ posts and leaving comments.
  • Pinterest – Rainy days are a great time to create new boards and add pins to them. I also look for inspiration for recipes, decorating, crafting, interior design, etc. I get ideas for future blog content or projects I want to work on.

Other things I like to do on a rainy day:

  • Clean up my PC desktop home screen. I download updates, photos and/or move files around making my desktop screen full of icons and it looks junky. It makes me feel overwhelmed. So, to organize it, I move unwanted files to the recycle bin and others to appropriate folders/sub-folders. As a rule, I try not to have more than 15 icons on my desktop.
  • Create folders on my photos app. I have tons of photos on my iPad and when I download a new photo, it automatically goes under “all photos” category, but I like to create specific folders and name them, then move any newly downloaded pics to that folder. I use my iPad for Instagram so having all my photos that I plan to post there in a one folder makes it easy to find.
  • Get to know apps. You know that app that you download cause you need it but you haven’t had time to really play with it?! Well, rainy days are a great time to get to know your new app. I like to test it out and learn about the different ways I can use it.
  • Try out a new game. If you’re a gamer like me, you might like to try playing something new. I like simulated games like owning my own cafe or fashion store. But, I also like board and word games.

Thanks for reading!