Overcoming the Creative’s Block

Whoever thinks running a blog is easy, oh boy they have no idea! I’ve been a blogger for a few years and while I love it, there are times when it is absolutely exasperating. It takes so much out of me especially when I’m not feeling exactly “creative”.

I challenged myself with kimmcdougal.com this year by blogging everyday and I’ve missed only a couple of days so I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping at it. I’m really afraid not to post often because if I let a few days go by, it’ll be easy to let the blog go entirely which I don’t want to do. I looked at some other bloggers I follow to see how they handle creative’s block.

Some ideas I’ve read are writing down topic ideas, re-writing older posts, and just taking short breaks. But one thing I like to do is to keep pretty, artistic things around me. For example, I love having my Happy Planner on my desk because it is pretty to look at. I’ll flip through its pages to read some of the sayings and scriptures I put into it to stay inspired. I also love my little pink stuffed animals…I have a pretty white kitty that I made a hat for her in pink. She sits right on top of my gold lamp. I have a pink turtle that sits on top of my desk in front of my keyboard. And I have white lights with silver balls hanging on the wall in front of me that I turn on at night that illuminates my room like a portrait studio. I love it!

By having items around me that give me joy, inspiration isn’t far away. And to stay motivated, the only thing I can tell you is that you just push yourself to do what you do. Many times my body screams, “STOP”!, “SLOW DOWN!” Sometimes I listen, sometimes I know I have to write something and when I get started on a blog post, surprisingly, the words come. Before I know it, it’s done and ready to publish. I think unfortunately creative’s blog is part of an artist’s life, but it can be conquered and as long as I don’t put undue pressure on myself… writing won’t be drudgery, instead it’ll remain what I love to do.


  1. Georgia Kent says:

    Nice Kim. We bloggers are all inspired by different roots all coming from where our inspiration is birthed. I am a Christian blogger and while my messages originate from the Holy Spirit they are indeed fostered through what surrounds me. Good word Kimmie.

  2. Thanks lady! We definitely are inspired by all around us and thankful God gives us so much beauty to write about!

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