My New Photo Light Kit is Here!

As you know I’m not the pro photographer in the family, in fact I’m not even an amateur…try “complete novice” when it comes to taking a decent picture. And, I so admire photographers like hubby who have that “eye” coupled with such creativity. I’m jealous, let me tell ya.

As you know, if you’ve been following my blog awhile, I purchase a lot of photos here and others come free with Creative Commons licenses. I look through tons of pics everyday and I found myself longing to learn to take them myself. But, I knew I needed certain equipment. I bit the bullet and asked hubby to help me research a kit.

He was fantastic, he spent all day on Amazon piecing together all the items for me, we talked, and at times it was a bit stressful but we both wanted to be absolutely sure we’d make the right purchase for what types of pics I want to take.

This is the photo tent he chose:

Bestshoot 24×24 inch/60×60 cm Photo Studio Shooting Tent Light Cube Diffusion Soft Box Kit with 4 Colors Backdrops (Red Dark Blue Black White) for Photography or similar >>

It’s the perfect size for setting up and taking photos like desk accessories (pictured below).
I’m a pearly gurl!
I wish I had the room in my studio to keep it out all the time, but I don’t. It folds though and easy to set up.
Next up is the lighting. 

Really important part cause the lights bounce off the tent providing the perfect light for indoor shooting. Hubby bought me 4 so I could have 2 extra lights which I plan to use for quick pics I want to post on Instagram and to practice.

LimoStudio AGG1501 Photography Continuous 600 Lumen LED Light Set for Table Top Studio Portable Lighting Kit with Gel Filters
I love how these lights work and they’re easy to adjust. I put the light head up to bounce it off and over the tent to prevent hot spots. And, no shadows to post process! YAY! In fact, very little to do and I’m using my LG Premier LTE cell phone with the CameraMX app to take the pics! It comes with a lot of features that the native camera app doesn’t have. Pretty cool huh?!
I had him look for a mini tripod for the phone and we got one but I’m not sure I’m happy with it. It seems to be flimsy and top heavy so not sure if I will use it. I want a few days to play with it before I decide what to do with it.
My next steps are to study composition and practice taking photos A LOT! Practice makes perfect and hopefully someday soon I can take all my own photos. For now, I’ll mix them up and at least I have some good options!
Thanks hubby for making this possible for me! I loves you!
Opening photo and desktop photo taken by Kim McDougal
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