My Go-to Fonts

It’s funny where inspiration can come from. I was working on a flyer design and as I was going through my list of fonts, I thought about the ones I frequently go to for designing. And hence, it’s my blog post for today. I’m so glad I had my trusty journal to write down this idea because you just never know when a great idea will come!

I was a graphic designer when I first started my business and so I’ve worked with many fonts. And as a content creator, it’s part of my job. In my repoitore, I probably have hundreds of fonts, but for a quick layout I go to my short list and most of these can be downloaded from Google Fonts:

 I really like the straight and narrow lines of this font and it looks really good as a headline for pages and posts. I also use it on my blog menu. I also like using this font in flyers and ads.
Playfair Display
I am IN LOVE with this font and I use it all over this blog. I don’t even remember how I stumbled on it but so glad I found it. I use this font for the page and post headers on the blog as well as the comments. I wouldn’t recommend using this as a reading font, but for invitations, greeting cards, it’s perfect!
 Open Sans
Open Sans is a good sans serif font that I use for headlines too. The letters are wider than Oswald and so depending on what I’m designing, I’ll try both Oswald and Open Sans and pick the one that looks best.
Body Copy
Lora is my absolute go-to body copy font. It is easy on the eyes plus it’s just such  a beautiful font.
Merriweather is my second choice for body copy and it looks similar to Lora except the lines are just a bit more narrow. It’s an easy reading font as well.
When I opt for a sans serif font for body copy, I go to Montserrat or Raleway (below). Both fonts are good for websites, brochures, and newsletters. They’re both clean and professional looking fonts.

Raleway’s letters are more straight lines than Montserrat but the two fonts really go well together and I’ve seen them used as display on websites too. It’s a good, reliable font.

Hand Lettering/Calligraphy
 When I want a fancier, personal design, I love hand lettering fonts. Allura is a pretty font perfect for greeting, note cards, and invitations. And this font is free from Google fonts.

I found this lovely hand lettering font just recently and I love it! It’s free for personal and commercial use and that makes me happy! You can click here to learn more about it and to download it.

I love fonts and am always on the lookout for them especially the hand lettering ones. It’s fun deciding which ones to use. But for those quick projects, it’s a blessing to have a go-to list!
photo courtesy of A Girl Obsessed