My Favorite Colors for the Year

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Happy September! Fall is coming and I thought for this post, I’d talk about color. This is actually a first for me to write about specifically my favorite colors but as I’ve been playing around a lot with mixing them for my “Crochet for the Home” collection (my lookbook is coming soon) and re-designing my home office, color has been on my mind! I’m being drawn so much to these that I had to share. So let’s get to it!

Pinks. Well anyone that knows me well knows how much I love pink. However, not all pinks. I have an affinity to the lighter side of the color like pale pink and dusty pinks. It’s a girly color that suits me and I have accents of it all through my home office space.

All shades of Pinks and Gold eyeshadows

Rose Gold. This is a new love for me, but man do I love it!!! I’ve always loved gold and mixing it with a bit of the pink family brings two favorites into one. My next iPad will be rose gold!

Colored eggs rose golds, pinks, gold, and whites

Seafoam/Teals/Green. Now let me tell you, I never was a fan of greens or teals, but I have since changed my mind. I LOVE green! So let me get more detailed, the shades that really get me going are citrus and lime. Now on the blue side, teal and seafoam! In fact, I changed my main color on my blog to seafoam. And you know what really got me? I just upgraded my Cuttlebug die cut machine to version 3 and it’s seafoam! It is so elegant and just beautiful sitting on my desk. It looks like a work of art!

This fashion ensemble mixes blue teals, light green, seafoam, and gold touches

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This is my new Cuttlebug which came with a couple of dies, embossing folder, A and B plates + a rubber embossing mat, I just love this color!

Neutrals. I’m serious about my neutral colors. I found that whenever I went to design something I turned to this palette. When I was younger (in my twenties), I was so used to living in apartments with white walls, white appliances that I never really liked it. But designing websites, I was drawn to the neutrals sets because they are clean, bright and actually make me feel happy. Colors do affect our moods. So, I really thrive on off whites, creams, tans, and even pale yellows. Also, accents of black and grays can add to that minimalist look I so love.

Living room with bright neutral colors but a hint of color with the plants

For my office, I decided my main theme would be white marble. I really like the marble look anyway so I purchased several items for my desk with that pattern. To match it up, I bought some contact paper that looks a little like the flooring in the pic above to cover my craft table. Love how it turned out!

Now, I just love to come to into my space, it’s creative, bright and airy. And, since I spend a lot of time in it working, I wanted it to be an extension of my personality and scream “create something” when I come in! I also watched a lot of craft room tours on YouTube and one common theme I heard a lot was, “make your craft room/home office/beauty room your happy space”. And color is a HUGE part of that. It starts from the paint color of the walls to the rugs and even the throws across my chairs. I chose white fur rugs that are so soft to walk on and a white/gray throw for my chair. It feels so good to wrap up in it when I’m cold.

So, what are your favorite colors? Tell me about it by commenting below!