Light the Way to my Soul

I took this photo one evening with my husband at the beach. I love the sunset and how the light shone on the ocean. As I thought about this pic, the light was made to show the way and help boaters navigate through the ocean. Jesus did that for us as well. In John 8:12, Jesus says He is the Light of this world. Just like at times it’s hard for boaters and fisherman to find their way in the ocean waves navigating through storms and all kinds of weather conditions, it is hard for us to get through the emotional and spiritual storms that face us.

Maps are generally used to help, but so are the light beams that come from a lighthouse. In the spiritual sense, it’s Jesus that is our lighthouse. When we follow Him, He lights the path to where we ought go. I easily get confused in my own life and I normally try to figure out all the little pieces. But, I realize how stressful this is and I was abnormally upset a lot. I had to stop and pray for direction.

Sometimes, The Lord wanted me to wait and do nothing. That’s hard for me, but it goes back to Jesus being the light of the world. If I trust Him, then even when He says, “do nothing”, He is still lighting the path ahead. There may be curves and bumps in the road that I don’t see and would try to avoid if I did see them. Well, Jesus does see them and He wants to make sure I avoid all the pitfalls. So waiting has its advantages.

In the end, I truly want God’s will for my life and every aspect of it. I know I can’t trust myself. Not my feelings, not how good an opportunity looks on the surface, not even a friend’s advice. I have to hear from Jesus himself. He will light the way always.


  1. Georgia Kent says:

    Sweet words! I love your logo!

  2. Thanks my awesome friend! The logo has gone through a couple of design phases, but I'm settled on this one! LOL

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