It’s a Seasonal Thing

I like having the four seasons…Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each has its own unique characteristics. There’s something great about each one: Spring shows us all kinds of flowers blooming, Summer gives us warm sunny days to spend more time outdoors, Fall brings us the pretty colors of leaves and cools us off from the hot temps, and Winter brings the Holidays, Winter Wonderland and a fairytale-type end of year for the kiddies.

It’s nice to see the different seasons and how different they are, living in Florida I missed the Fall and Winters that I grew up on in Chicago. But I have to admit, I don’t like some of the blessings in my life coming in seasons. For example, I was able to work with someone who demonstrated over and over again her reliability, flexibility, willingness to work hard, and I got to become her friend. Our business relationship will come to an end after two years end of this year as she is moving onto a different role. While I wish her all the best, I am sad too.

Some things are meant only for a season

Take our four seasons, we all have a favorite. Mine is Fall. I just love the colors and the cooler temps, however I see good in all the seasons. Now…on the flip side, there are challenges that come with seasons too. Spring brings a lot of rain, Summer’s temps can get dangerously high, Fall brings a lot of windy days (at least in my town), and Winter’s temps are equally dangerous as Summer if they go to freezing. So, we like it when that first snow comes, but after a couple of months of ice, snow, and below zero temps, we’re ready for Spring again!

A season doesn’t always last a couple of months, it’s not governed by time. Sometimes it takes years to be over. For example, when I lost my first husband I grieved for over 10 years. That’s a long season, but it didn’t last me my whole lifetime. Eventually I was able to love and marry again. That period of grief made me appreciate life even more.

Some things like catching a cold, burning my finger, or stubbing a toe are what I look forward to when their season is over! But, even if something or someone is gone for whatever reason…don’t remain sad, because God has an ultimate purpose and He promises all things He does works out for the good to them that love Him and are the called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). Try to remember this verse if you need encouragement today. Some seasonal things are best to be…seasonal.


  1. Georgia Kent says:

    Good share…While each season can come with stretching, they also come with blessings. God wants us to learn to dance both in and out of season.

  2. Very true, there's something to be learned in and out of season.

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