Is Technology Always a Good Thing?

I’m proud to be a girl geek! Computers fascinated me and I knew that as long as I live, technology would be a big part of my life. As a creator, I need technology to mix with my crafting, writing, and photography. But, I also can’t ignore all the connections I made that otherwise would have been difficult or impossible.

It’s so cool how certain things can bring you together with strangers. It was food/cooking that got me started with social media. From there, web design, and now crafting. I also use technology to keep in touch with my family and friends and to work for my clients in Florida. It’s amazing how much tech has grown that you don’t have to live in the same state as your employer.

Another huge advantage is education. You can earn degrees online, you can learn by visual aides, i.e., YouTube, Vimeo, etc., and you can find articles written by experts in just about any subject of interest. It’s blows my mind! And it’s changing quickly, moving away from desktops towards mobile. But is tech always a good thing?

Some people won’t use it to shop, email, or get on Facebook. While I understand how they feel, I must also say that in a way, that’s not good and I’ll tell you why. The world has changed from biblical days till now in many ways. Think about it: 

  • Transportation from foot to horseback/buggies, ferries, trains, airplanes and cars 
  • Electronics with radio/TV, mail delivery, inventions, record players/tapes, floppy disks to CDs/Blue Ray, mp3 players to tablets, Apple, Android
  • Fashion trends changed, shopping online
  • Processes, rules, laws change (homeownership, food and gas prices go up, public/private schools, taxes, even how we complete contracts, etc.) 
  • Paperless bills
  • Mainframes to personal computers to laptops, tablets, camera phones

And with every new generation, the old things are forgotten and if we don’t change with the times, we get left behind making it difficult to integrate. When we won’t learn how to use the new technologies, the old skills become obsolete. For example, take a look at the days of developing film and dark rooms now transitioned over to digital photography.

With everything in life, there’s good and bad. The good is all the information out there at our fingertips. The ability to read books online with audiobook apps, we can shop for groceries and have them delivered right to the front door. The down side is that there are viruses, adware/malware, and bad people who hack. But there are safeguards out there to combat that.

I think that if technology takes over our lives from actual real life experiences, then it’s not a good thing. Remember to step outside and breathe some fresh air! But, with moderation as key and priorities set right then, I think technology really can enhance life and makes things easier. It sure helps me!

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  1. sue james says:

    I agree, love the technology. Helps me alot..

  2. Oh yes! Where we would be without it?! LOL

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