Is Anyone Out There?

All content creators go through the “not sure I should be doing this…” syndrome. We feed off others valuing what we do. And, sometimes when we’re not getting the customers, readers, audiences’ attention, we may entertain the thought that they’re not interested in what we’re sharing.

I’ve entertained thoughts of quitting the blogging too. As much as I love to write and love to work my blog, I also know it’s not worth it if it’s just for me. I’m sharing my life, but I also have to consider is what I have to say interesting enough for people to follow me. We all go through these periods and wonder if it’s worth it.

But let me encourage you to not quit. Cause, just when you think you’re ready to pack it all up, you get the sweetest, kindest, most complimentary comment or note from a follower. And, it comes right when you need it and you realize why you craft.

Artist/Painters want their work to be bought or at least hung in someone’s home or business. They need to know that someone likes their artistry enough to own it. Performing artists need an audience to applaud and buy tickets to see them, because they have talent that is recognized. Bloggers need readership and comments to know the content we write about is interesting.

But just because it seems you’re not attracting the right people doesn’t mean your content or craft is undesirable or uninteresting. It just takes time and patience. Yes, hard work too, but if you believe in what you’re doing…you will see results.