Inspiring Workspaces: A New Office Chair

Total Reading Time: 4 minutes

How do you like my new office chair?! It was TIME!!! I’ve been through several in my 16 years of working from home and I have found out how essential it is to have a good, comfortable chair. After all, I spend a lot of time sitting in it. And, lately, I have been having some lower back problems so I really needed to replace the one I had. However, it wasn’t easy looking for that “perfect” chair. I looked through hundreds of photos, read blog posts, looked at YouTube videos, window shopped, read recommendations, and spent a LOT of time on sites like Pinterest and Amazon.
I finally narrowed down some essentials:
  • It has to have a high back support. I was tired of chairs that have that coil thing with a small back cushion. That wasn’t helping me at all. I want to sit back in my chair and have it contour to the shape of my body.
  • It has to swivel because I turn a lot from where my computer sits to my crafting table.
  • Arm support. I always go for chairs to lay my arms down plus I wanted the arms to be chrome which would stay cool for me as I get hot quickly.
  • The chair needs to raise up high enough to be ergonomically situated for my arms to type. Some chairs I’ve had were not high enough for a medium tall girl like me and I still felt like I was sitting on the floor. And after awhile, the chair would need to be lifted up every five minutes. This gets annoying.
  • I wanted the chair to have a long seating area. I want to feel like I have enough rooms for my legs to be comfortable and the seat I have now goes almost as far as where my knees are.
  • I didn’t want to order online, because I would no doubt have to assemble it. That’s not my strong suit!
  • Finally, I wanted it be light colored, stylish, a bit girly, and set the stage for how the rest of my space would look.
Well, we found me that “perfect” chair after praying and going around town with hubby about two weeks ago! It was brand new at a local furniture store and hubby bought it for me! It was absolutely everything I wanted, even the color and style I had in mind! I was so shocked and happily surprised to bring it home and a week later I’m still in love with it. It’s the right height for me and I’ve already laid back and fallen asleep in it! LOL!
white office chair
Revamping the Home Office
Since adding the chair, I’ve been working on the entire office changing everything to match. It’s been fun picking up little items here and there. Went to the dollar store this past Saturday and bought some lavender air freshener that sits on my desk (what a nice scent), a pink note book cause I’m always reaching for a sheet of paper to write on, some scented flower petals, and I got a bottle of Japanese scented blossom lotion which is on my desk because my skin is so dry and I need to keep lotion nearby.
My white lights came in last week which I turn on during the evening and it just makes the desk look magical. I can’t wait to receive my marble contact paper (arriving this Thursday according to USPS), cause I plan to cover my computer desk with it and say goodbye to its dull brown color!
If you’re interested in this chair, Amazon does sell it and if you buy it here, you’ll be helping me out as I’ll receive a small commission!

Finally, I’ve been saving some pics for a future home office/crafting room when The Lord blesses us with a house. Below is a sample from my “stylebook”! Let me know what you think!

clean office space 
I love light colors so it will be nice to have hardwood floors and a lounge area in my new craft room. A girl can dream!
Shelves are such an asset to stay organized in a small space and cuts down on knocking holes in the walls too especially if you live in an apartment where you have to be careful how much you can decorate your space.
I think if possible, have an area to lounge in with a side table for reading and snacking. You can’t stare at a computer screen all day! Love the wall hanging!
I definitely am digging white these days! It’s clean and makes me feel more creative. The greenery adds just right amount of pop color to this desk.
I think this will make a lovely lounge chair!
I like the shelves under the table, but not sure it would work for me cause I think I would haven’t enough room for my legs under the desk, but I saved the pic anyway for inspiration.