Incredible Alcohol Backgrounds Using Only 2 Colors

The other day, I learned a new trick for getting better results with my alcohol backgrounds and I’m so excited to share it with you! The past few months, I’ve been researching and watching more videos on alcohol inks. And, when the new ink colors came out, I knew I wanted them! The colors are so vibrant and bright.

I love making backgrounds for my stash and holding them in a box for future cards and doing so is helpful when you mass produce cards. With this little experiment, I was able to make 4 backgrounds that I turned into cards!

To get started, you’ll need a few supplies. Here’s what I used:

Alcohol Blending Solution

99% Isopropyl Alcohol (91% + will work too)

Tim Holtz Alcohol Air Blower

Pipettes (this pack comes with 100)

Yupo Paper (regular or heavyweight will work)

Of course, the new Alcohol Ink colors!

♥ TIP: I found out that with these new alcohol inks, I didn’t need to add a lot of ink to my paper. A little goes a LONG way.

I followed a specific order for how I made my backgrounds and the ONLY two colors I used were “Monsoon” and “Boysenberry”. Plus, I did NOT use any alloys or mixatives. Also, I didn’t have to spray them with a fixative. You can do that if you like and I’ll link to the one I have in my supplies list at the bottom of this post.

NOTE: Feel free to choose two of your favorite colors and try this method that worked so well for me!

  1. I put down the Isopropyl alcohol through a pipette laying down droplets over the Yupo paper. This prepares the paper to take the color.
  2. Next, I only put 1 drop of each color over the alcohol. You DON’T need a lot really! And I put one drop at the top right hand corner and the other on the bottom left hand corner.
  3. Added a drop of the blending solution over those alcohol ink drops in step 2.
  4. With my blower, I moved the colors diagonally from the top right hand corner and the bottom left hand corner. Since I’m right handed, that’s the direction I went. If you’re left handed, you might go the opposite.
  5. I kept adding blending solution and blowing the edges to make the colors have that “whispy” edge looked. That’s the outcome I was going for. I repeated this until I liked the design I got. I also started blowing from all the sides on some of my backgrounds as you’ll see below. BUT, I didn’t add any more ink.
  6. I let all the backgrounds air dry. I didn’t use my heat tool.
Incredible Alcohol Backgrounds Using Only 2 Colors

See, how the edges have that nice whispy look, but the colors appear to be going diagonally across the page and these two colors blend so well together.

Incredible Alcohol Backgrounds Using Only 2 Colors

And by using the blending solution and the blower, you get more tones even though only 2 colors were used.

♥ TIP: Know when to stop. I had a bad habit of adding additional color and blowing cause I thought I was fixing the design, but it can actually make it worse. This time, I was deliberate and stopped to let the design dry. And, by doing that, the backgrounds turned out more amazing.

These are the other backgrounds I made that I turned into cards. Click on any of the images to see up close.

You can also see in some of them, the Boysenberry is more prominent than the Monsoon and sometimes Monsoon is dominant. That’s because of how much blowing was done on that color. You’ll never get the same look and that’s what makes playing with alcohol inks so much fun!

I was left stunned by the outcomes and so I didn’t want to do much else to them! I glued them to my card bases, die cut some circles (12 altogether) and glued 3 together for a stacked look. I stamped the sentiment from Simon Says Stamp, added foam squares on the back and adhered them on an angle to all my backgrounds. Lastly, I added some clear gems to frame my sentiment and added a purple heart (from the Dollar General) for a finishing touch! And, that’s all folks!

♥ Tip: I used my Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat and it cleans up easily with a little Isopropyl Alcohol and a Baby Wipe!

I hope you try my tips and play around with your alcohol inks! If you do, I’d love to hear how it worked for you! Leave me a comment!

List of Supplies:

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