I’m No Longer Qualified for a Corporate Job

It’s not just my age either. Job qualifications have changed. Corporate cultures have changed and it’s not always for the good.

I started my career in the early 80s and it ended in December of 1998. That was the year I lost my last job, our department was laid off. Of course, I went on many interviews during that time since they gave us two months notice, but couldn’t find a job. Eventually, I would start my own business January 1, 1999. I will never forget that first year…I was scared to death! I only had four months of severance pay and receiving unemployment. I knew that if I didn’t turn a profit enough to get off unemployment, my severance would run out and I’d be back looking for a full-time job again.

Somehow, and the only reason I can see is that, God had other plans for me. The first year was a reality check for me in that I knew this was what I was meant to do. I can’t say I ever had a job that I enjoyed, but I can take away the positives one of which is the experience I gained and the technical and design knowledge I acquired. I’m self-taught and it took many years to reach where I am today so I’m proud of that.

In today’s job market, there’s so many more steps to go through during the interview process and sometimes it is just plain ridiculous. A friend of mine was interviewing for a job and the company made her go on several interviews + travel to some events performing the job functions on a trial basis at her own expense. To get further considered for the job, she had to pay her own travel, lodging, gas, etc., and work for them for several weeks before they made their final decision. Then, once she learned what kind of culture she was getting into, it wasn’t even worth all she went through.

In my day, you couldn’t be fired as easily but nowadays employers let people go without a valid reason and no warning. The days of working for one company and retiring with a pension are gone. A company doesn’t have to show loyalty. And, it’s not just whether you’re qualified to do the job, it’s also that you play the game: ex., gossiping, joining in with the other workers even when it’s wrong, etc. Or, your ability to keep the job is performance-based meaning your #s and/or ability to meet tight deadlines have to be at a certain level. I have some of this with my day job, but the difference is I work from home so it’s easier. I remember one night, I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and praying. I asked The Lord to always bless my business, because I know the only job I’m qualified for is to be my own boss.

As, I kept praying I told the Lord how it’s great not to fear having a job in my own business. I know that everyday I have a position that I know I can do, it keeps me very busy. I don’t worry that there will be a pink slip waiting for me on my desk tomorrow morning. Being my own boss doesn’t mean I don’t have deadlines or performance-based tasks. I do, but I’m not under heavy pressure from a supervisor who is evaluating me by a standard that either I can’t meet or designed in such a way that I can never meet.

I get a lot of satisfaction in my blogging, designing crafts, and helping hubby with the photo business. A corporate job just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.


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    Suits you well! <3

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