I Love Neutral Designs

Creams, rose golds, whites, tans, pale yellows, black and white … I LOVE neutral colors. I figured out my favorite color palette when I was designing websites just a few years ago. Before that, I struggled to find my design style. And I think every artist goes through this. You have to try a few things before you discover your own taste.

Same thing goes with how I want to design my home and office. Last year, I did a makeover for my studio replacing dark colored browns/blacks with neutrals. The reason I like these lighter colors is it gives off a clean, sleek look that’s also provides a happier, brighter mood. I enjoy working in my office as I look around and see my favorite colors don the walls, desk, and even my recliner.

The only thing left to replace is my black printer with this one! haa haa That’s a different story! Click here if you’re interested in this model!

I handpicked the line-up below of neutral interior designs which inspires me to add a little something, something to my place now and for later on when we move to a house.

I know this is a tiny dining room table but it’s great for small spaces. I would like a larger table but round definitely and the pewter color gives this a modern look. Also, I love having the dining table next to a window. I can imagine the sun shining through this area in the mornings. It’s a great place for photo shoots to share on social because of the natural lighting.

I love that less is more. The artwork on the wall is just enough and the three pieces on the opposite wall rounds out the design of the room. The black chairs adds just the right contrast to the white walls. I also love that the table is next to large windows for that natural light to come in.

Hubby and I are no longer big fans of 2-story houses, we lived in a 2-story townhouse for 10 years so we really want an open space 1-story. However, I loved the style of this house and the stairs are much wider than what we had. 

This is the same house just shot from a different angle. The light colored couch, chairs, and curtains is a great contrast that doesn’t get lost against so much white. It seems to have very tall ceilings which I absolutely adore and I really like the muted blue gray with the matching rug. Everything in this room really compliments each other.