I Don’t Call it a Diet

I don’t really like popping pills. I had an addictive habit to them so the less I take in that form, the better. I prefer natural treatments…people decades ago didn’t have pills. They lived off the land and found natural methods for treating all kinds of ailments even weight loss. One day, I decided to walk and change my eating habits.

My new routine is fast becoming my lifestyle, walking every morning, eating lighter portions and keeping down the carbs and sugars. I didn’t want a fancy diet or something where I lose a bunch of weight but couldn’t keep it off. It takes a lot of commitment and perseverance to do this everyday so I was looking for the easiest way to change. I have days where it is a struggle to get outside and walk but every time I do it, I feel better afterwards.

I’ve never liked the word “diet”. It just seemed to me that any time I tried one, it wouldn’t last plus I felt that I wouldn’t be consistent and I wasn’t. I prefer the term “lifestyle” because losing weight isn’t the final step. It’s the first step… the final step is keeping the weight off. Changing what and how much I eat is forever. Being more cautious of ingredients is forever. I like feeling good in my body and my clothes.

I just finished my 10th week on this journey and this starts the 11th week. What am I looking forward to? I look forward to more candid talks with The Lord, continuing to learn more about health and fitness, encouraging hubby to follow my example and see him drop weight, and dropping more weight myself. Last week, I dropped another inch from my waist and hips.

And one of the perks is I’m looking forward to going shopping for new clothes because 90% of my wardrobe is too big! In fact, I have to safety pin a few of my pants just to wear them! I only have a couple with a drawstring. It’ll be interesting to see what size I am now. If you’re interested, read my post here about no longer wanting to be a plus girl. And, if you’re just joining me on my journey, you can click here to follow this series from the beginning. No, I don’t call this a diet, it’s my LIFE.