Floral Alcohol Coloring for Beginners

I am an absolute newbie with coloring and especially with alcohol markers, but I want to get better at it so I keep trying and one way that I find that makes it easier is to have good floral stamp sets. In the October Simon Says Stamp (SSS) card kit, we got a large 6 x 8 “Thankful Flowers” stamp set that comes with this large flower and smaller flowers and leaves. They are outline stamps so they will lend themselves for many coloring techniques.

I don’t have a ton of Copic markers and I don’t have the budget for them so I opted to purchase the Studio 71 alcohol markers set. It is a lot less expensive, you get a bunch of colors and the results are really good. The only drawback is that they are not refillable, however I’ve had mine awhile and they haven’t dried out. I also store them horizontal which I’m not sure helps but I see a lot of cardmakers store their markers this way so I follow along 🙂

If you know me well, you know that I love to mass produce my cards but not make them all look exactly the same, so with this collection I’m affectionally calling, “Simply Awesome“, I did three different colorways: (1) Turquoise, (2) Peachy Brown and; (3) Periwinkle. Below are all the color markers I used:

Studio 71

Turquoise Flower Set

Simple Floral Alcohol Coloring for Beginners
  • Flowers (BG16 Aquamarine and B13 Cool Aqua)
  • Inside flower (E6 Hazelnut and Uniball white gel pen)
  • Leaves (YG2 Apple Green, BG3 Spearmint Green and YG7 Sage )

Periwinkle Flower Set

Simple Floral Alcohol Coloring for Beginners
  • Flowers (B17 Nautical Blue and Y5 Lavender)
  • Inside flower (E6 Hazelnut and Uniball white gel pen)
  • Leaves (YG2 Apple Green and BG3 Spearmint Green)

Copic Markers

Simple Floral Alcohol Coloring for Beginners

Peachy Brown Flower Set

  • Flowers (E13 Light suntan and E11 Barley Beige)
  • Inside flower (E15 Dark suntan and Uniball white gel pen)
  • Leaves (Studio 71 YG2 Apple Green and BG3 Spearmint Green)

My Coloring Technique

There’s so many wonderful Copic coloring experts on YT and I recommend watching them if you want to get better at using Copics. So, my method below is just what works for me but I’m not an expert by any means. After watching many video tutorials, I found how I like to color and all it takes is more practice to get better.

I started out coloring with my darkest color on the edges of each petal and then I blended that in with the lightest color in the center of the petals. For the center of the flower, I used the darkest color and I went over that twice. For the leaves, I followed the same pattern…the darkest color in the center and blended it with the lightest color on the outside edges. I tried hard to stay within the lines but for me, that’s just a work in progress! After I finished coloring, I splattered the White Picket Fence Distress Paint. Love how each color design turned out. It was so cool to just sit down and color not trying to be perfect but just to have fun!

I trimmed each flower down to fit vertically on top of Neenah colored pastel cardstock with an embossed pattern. The sentiment is a large font that I love, love, love! All done! I think I finished all three cards in a little over an hour, not bad heh?!

List of Supplies Used:

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