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I’ve compiled a list of questions below to help you learn more about me and my business. If your question isn’t answered on this page, feel free to contact me here.

About Cardmaking

Why do you like making cards?
It’s hard to explain, I think for me the whole thing is that I’m creating something with my own hands and that feeling of accomplishment is just beyond words. It also helps me with nervous anxiety which I suffer from and it calms me down as I’m crafting. Plus, I need a way to finish projects faster because I get impatient! Cards definitely helps with that.
What kinds of supplies would you recommend for a new cardmaker to have?

I actually wrote a series called, “My Favorite Supplies for Cardmaking“, you can find my recommendations and tools I use here and here.

Are you strictly a cardmaker, or do you make other paper crafts?

Well, yes I have to say I’m primarily a cardmaker, however I have made and still like to make journals when I have time.

Are your cards generally blank on the inside?

Yes they are, this way the customer can write their own message to their recipient. Every now and again I might stamp a small sentiment on the inside but that’s usually due to a unique card design.

What sizes do your cards come in?

90% of my cards are A2 size (4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″) and come either landscape or portrait with side or top fold. 10% comprise of 5″ x 7″s. I’m looking at adding slimline cards to the Shop so watch out for announcements on that.

I’ve heard the term “CAS” and I’ve seen it used in your blog posts, what does it stand for/mean?

CAS stands for Clean and Simple and it typically refers to cards that have a minimal look with lots of white space, not a lot of coloring or elements but yet the design is balanced. It doesn’t usually contain complex elements like you’d see in interactive cards.

How did you get started in cardmaking?

I actually have a long off and on again cardmaking history. I used to make cards many years ago but got out of it to do other things. I started it again in 2012 when my hubby and I moved to Oregon and I joined a church crafting group. It wasn’t until 2019 that I got really serious about it and decided to open an Etsy Shop and I’m simply hooked on it!

Where do you get your design ideas for your cards?

I get inspiration from many places. Youtube videos, Pinterest, Instagram are just a few areas that inspire me. Also, I get a lot of emails from companies I shop with that have card examples and techniques to try. Sometimes, I sketch out ideas in a book and there are times that I just pull out some supplies on my craft table and just play!

About Me

What is your career background?

I started out as a Word Processor in the late 80’s and transitioned from that to computer networking, sales and marketing, graphic design and finally to web design/content creations. Crafting was usually a hobby or side job. I currently work a full time day job and craft at night. My dream is to be able to do cardmaking 24/7!

What do you like to do when you’re not crafting or working?

I like to sing and write. I also like to dabble with doodling in my art journal!

How long have you been blogging?

Since about 2009. I started with ORMG (Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet) which I created and ran for 3 years and from there stemmed several other foodie blogs. I now just have 1 which is “Beautiful Food Photos“. The other blog I own is “Growing Up in Grace” which is a collection of devotionals and sharing my faith in Jesus.

Do you teach or have a YouTube Channel?

No, I actually don’t feel confident enough to teach or do video tutorials as I haven’t been in this field for very long. However, I share how I make most of my cards on the blog and I do like sharing what I’ve learned and am learning.

About the Blog

What platform do you use for your blog?

WordPress and a bunch of plugins!

In your greeting card sets on the blog, how many cards come to a set?

It varies, but I typically try to make sets with no less than 4 cards.

How do I add a blog post to my favorites?

Just click the “Add to FAVs” link at the top of any blog post to save it to your favorites list. If you want to see all your favorites, just click the link on the menu, “Your FAVs”.

Did you create your blog?

I had a little help from a great WordPress theme but after that, I’ve made a ton of changes and enhancements to make it my own.

Do you put out a newsletter?

Not as of yet but I may do this in the future.

About the Shop

When did you open your Etsy Shop?

In July 2019.

Can I order a card in your Etsy shop and pay by check or money order?

Yes you can. Please contact me letting me know which card in the Shop you would like to purchase. Then I can enable my Shop to accept payment with checks and/or U.S. money orders. 

Please note that any orders made through checks or U.S. money orders will ship after the funds have cleared our financial institution. Make all checks and money orders payable to:
Ken and Kim McDougal
P.O. Box 1282
Florence, OR 97439

Do you sell outside the U.S.?

At this time, we only sell within the U.S.

Do you do custom orders?

Because of time constraints, I am not able to offer custom orders at this time.

Are your items made in a smoke-free environment?

Yes and pet free as well.

How often do you add new cards in your Etsy shop?

I make new cards every week. If you want to stay in the loop, I encourage you to follow my Facebook page here.

Can I help you promote your cards?

Absolutely, I welcome the help! You can follow me on the following social platforms and share my cards to your own connections.

You can also using the following hashtags in your posts:
#kimshandcraftedcards #kimmcdougal,  or #kimiscreating

Do you sell your items locally?

Yes, you’ll find my cards at the Florence Regional Arts Alliance in Florence (FRAA) at 120 Maple Street, Florence Oregon. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the art center is closed till further notice.

Are there other ways we can support you?

Thank you for your interest. I belong to some affiliate companies where I shop for my craft supplies so if you shop using any of those links, I receive a small commission which definitely helps my business. You’ll find a list of my craft supplies under most of my blog posts. Also, my crafty links page is a great place to go to that you can shop from. Also, you can make a donation if you prefer here.

Do you offer free shipping in your Etsy Shop?

We offer free shipping on orders over $35.

How do I find your Etsy Shop?

Just go to this link >>

Does your Etsy Shop do well financially?

It has paid for itself since opening but it’s far from replacing my day job income! I hope to get there someday!

Do you sell your cards at local shows?

Usually I do participate in our town’s annual “Indoor Yard Sale“. Its a bi-annual event in the Spring and Fall but since the current pandemic, the Fall event may get canceled. You can always stay tuned here or on my Facebook page for any upcoming scheduled shows I’d be doing.


Can I share your blog posts on my blog?

As long as you link directly to my blog post, giving me full credit and do not download my photos, that’s fine.

Do you have an eMail List?

Yes, I do. You can sign up at any time to learn of new card designs, sales and discounts coming to the Shop. Subscribe here.