Embracing my Femininity

It’s a blessing to embrace the person we were born. It was many years for me to really like, let alone love, being a female but I’m glad I did. Being a lady means I get to wear pretty dresses, play with makeup, wear dainty and elegant jewelry, and most of all be a daughter of King Jesus.

I don’t spend hours in the mirror getting ready anymore, but I do enjoy looking the best I can. I know I can’t physically see Jesus, but I know He’s there and watching over me. Pleasing Him is foremost on my mind just like a little girl wanting to make her daddy happy.

The Proverbs 31 woman lays out the characteristics that The Lord deems important for us to emulate. She just isn’t concerned about her looks as she is about being a good wife, worker, and friend. Let’s break down some of her character:

  • She feared The Lord. She served God and put Him first and obeyed Him.
  • She helped others…the poor and needy.
  • She could make her own clothing and sell them.
  • She was wise in how she spoke. She used wisdom in her words.
  • She supported her husband and he put his trust in her.
  • She knew how to purchase and build with her hands.
It may sound like she’s perfect, but that’s not it. Nobody is perfect but what she did do was use all her giftings to give glory to her household, her neighbors, her husband, and God.
photo courtesy by pexels.com