Downsizing my Office Desk

Lately, my desk was becoming cluttered again. As I work on different projects, I’d look over and realize I had a ton of stuff just piled up and it was making me crazy. I had to get back to putting things away and also organizing my accessories.

I rediscovered a three-drawer desk shelf that I had bought but wasn’t using. It turned out to be perfect for organizing all my drawing pens/pencils, crochet hooks/knitting needles, and other paper craft stuff like my decorative scissors, washi tape, and measuring tapes.

It is so easy to just let the desk pile up so here’s some ideas to help with that:

  • Keep small items together. I have glass plates I got from the dollar store perfect for paper clips and staples. 
  • Organize projects in notebooks or folders. I have a 3-ring binder that I keep info in for my day job. I have it organized by events and specific projects. The notes I have in it help me to remember how I did certain tasks. And I can always add more pages to it.
  • No flowers. I love a big bouquet of flowers, but not on my desk. What I realized was that it was taking up too much space and I ended up moving them a lot. My desk has to be clear for when I’m measuring a garment or when I’m making cards. 
  • Take the dishes to the sink. I eat and work a lot and I have a bad habit of putting my empty plate on the desk and leaving it there as I keep working. Then, the plate’s in my way when I need more space. Sooo…I drag myself away from the computer to take the plate back when I’m done eating. 

Other ways to keep the desk from getting out of control:

  • Put the tech stuff together. I keep my technology stuff on the corner which is where my printer lives. My laptop is next to it on another table making it convenient to have them close together.
  • Yarn projects away! I bought some baskets for pending crochet and knit projects. I keep them on the floor under the desk. So, now I can throw what I’m working on in them and keep the desk cleared off.

For me, having an uncluttered desk keeps my brain clear and I can focus better and be more creative. And the clearer my mind is, the happier I am!