Do I Still Love Blogging?

Today’s post is about a topic I thought I’d revisit. As I was going back through some older posts, I saw “Why I Love Blogging” and decided to read it. I saw some things that are still true today but a few that have changed since that time. This post was written in 2016 and I was in a very different timeframe then. If you want to read it, click here.

Four years later, I find myself wondering how to answer this question so hopefully in this post I won’t ramble too much lol!

This is all my opinion and I’m writing from my own experience so don’t take my word for gospel. Every blogger has their own take on what they think.

Blogging for me back then was easier. I even think it was a popular thing to do. I mean, most business owners and hobbyists had a blog and they had a following. It was fun to write about what you love and it didn’t have to be all about making money. That was a different time in our economy as well. I really enjoyed having a lifestyle blog that I could share what I love and just have a platform to jot my thoughts. Writing for me is emotional.

When things turned in my world, my blog had to change too. I found myself working my day job more because we needed more income. I had to find other ways to make money and that meant my blog had to line up to where I was going.

I knew that I was going to change it to be a more “crafty (crocheting and knitting)” blog after opening my first Etsy Shop. It would be the foundation for my brand, but after suffering health issues both physically and emotionally, I couldn’t crochet/knit anymore and therefore the Etsy Shop closed. Again, here I am looking for a craft I could do that would easy, fun and therapeutic. I was led back to cardmaking.

My experience with making cards was primarily digital but I wanted to work with my hands so it was back to school practically to learn this skill. I’m still learning. I practiced a lot, I led a card ministry at my former church making over 300 cards! I loved it. And after praying, I knew The Lord was taking me somewhere. So, I reshaped my blog, opened a 2nd Etsy Shop, created a new logo, new look, removed old posts that didn’t fit the new direction and had many discussions with hubby about where to take my blog.

Do I Still Love Blogging?

Some questions I had to answer were:

  • Would I like sharing my cards online?
  • Are my skills good enough to sell cards and still enjoy making them?
  • Will I lose my current followers?
  • How often will I blog?
  • How will I find new followers?
  • Do I need to go with a different theme or can I just give the one I have a makeover?

It’s true that the days of static blogs or websites are a thing of the past. When we come to a website, we want to see interaction or that articles are newly written. I find that when I’m researching and surfing the web looking for info, if I come to a blog that hasn’t been updated in over a year, I move on. Information changes all the time, therefore blogs have to change too.

Blogging isn’t for everyone, I get that. We all have our own way of sharing our content. For me, having a YT channel is not something I want to do. Our voices vary. In my case, it’s the written word, always has been. At one point, I built blogs for clients and conducted consultations, also running several of my own. So, I guess you can definitely say I love writing!

After making all the necessary changes to the blog plus making cards for a year now, I truly feel I’m in the right element. It’s comfortable to share my content. Yes, I have lost a lot of followers, but in the end I have to be true to myself. Blogging can’t be a chore. If I don’t enjoy it, then it’s time to do something else.

I constantly look for ways to improve the look and recently upgraded some equipment so I can take better photos of my cards to showcase here and especially for the Shop. Other photos I use are purchased and a few come from free to use high quality sites like,,, or

There’s other changes I made like:

  • Consistently writing about how I make most of my cards with links to the products I use
  • Installing better WordPress plugins for security and web stats
  • Creating an eCommerce feature so I can sell items that are difficult to list on Etsy like private sales and my greeting card sets
  • Providing a section to promote products and brands that I love which helps me run this blog and my business
  • Designed a page to accept donations/support
  • Built a freebies section (work in progress)
  • Created an FAQs page
  • Visitors can favorite blog posts to refer to later

Since the new Shop has been opened, I’ve made close to 200 sales! That’s incredible in 1 year! It’s getting seen more and new customers are finding me.

Are other changes coming?

Well, more likely, yes, when?, not sure yet. I’m the type of person that has to change things up every few weeks or months. I’ve been known to switch the furniture around at 2 AM because I was in the mood, just ask hubby! So, I’m always searching for ways to improve. I do have a couple of things in mind that I’m tossing around like:

  • If I should grow my email list meaning I’d need to produce either a regular newsletter or announcement emails of future cards or new product lines.
  • Where to take the “Preferred Customers” program next
  • Getting more blog exposure
  • A new logo design???, or just a new more feminine header
  • Adding new product lines to the Shop and showcasing it here
  • Running monthly sales

Yes, indeed I still LOVE to blog and whatever happens or where I go next, you can be sure that my blog will come with me. You may see a new homepage, new announcements or a whole new look, but one thing is constant, it will grow and evolve, just like me.