Creating my First Card Design

Happy accidents can be fun and that’s pretty much how my first card design came about. Now, I’ve been making cards for almost 1 year (this July) and most of the time, I’m creating cards inspired by other designs I see. I hadn’t thought of creating my own line before. Guess, I’ve been intimated to try. I see so many beautiful cards from other cardmakers and I think to myself, “I can never do what they do”. BAD ADVICE! I must get out of my own head! (check out this post)

Anyway, I was playing with my alcohol markers yesterday deciding to play with some rainbow colors to make some congratulatory cards! I’ll share with you how I came up with these designs and what I learned from the process too! Now, the techniques I used to make these 2 cards isn’t new but the design is. That’s one thing I love about cardmaking, you can use old techniques but come up with new ways to use them to make your own designs.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how much I LOVE my Axiaya alcohol markers and that’s the truth! These colors are so vibrant and because they come with 100 markers, I have all the shades and blends I need. So first off, I scribbled some rainbow colors across my cardstock. Then cut out some flowers from my dies. I decided to use the negative and positive spaces. The negative space I wanted for my background so looked through my color cardstocks and the darker colors really made the colors pop so I went with black and purple.

Creating my First Card Design
Creating my First Card Design

Then, with the cut out flowers, I glued them together and then experimented with placement on my card panels. I just LOVE how the colors came out on my flowers from the alcohol markers! So cheery!!

Next, I took my Congrats die, cut out 8 total, 4 for each card and stacked them for dimension. The secondary sentiments I used foam squares to pop them up. The card panels are on Accents 100 lb. cardstock (a new product that I’m lovin’!). Lastly, added some clear enamel dots and these cards were literally done in under an hour! I couldn’t believe how easy and quick these cards came together.

Some things I learned about myself

  1. I can’t be afraid to try. Fear is a bugger, isn’t it? It paralyzes us…literally. It keeps us from trying new things, it stops us from reaching to new heights. Fear tells us that we can’t do it, or we can’t compete in the marketplace. Sometimes, we just have to push past it and do it afraid!
  2. I don’t have to have a complete design in my head to get started. Just breaking out some supplies, laying on my desk and just playing can spark a design and in a few minutes I can have a card made.
  3. When I’m not feeling very motivated, just creating encourages me. There are times when I don’t feel like doing anything but as I’m coloring or die cutting or stamping my mood changes and perks up.

How do you create? Do you have some moments that you don’t know what to make? How do you stay motivated? I’d really love to know! I’m working on a new post about how I stay motivated. Feel free to comment below and share your tips!

I had a lot of fun with these two cards and it jump started me thinking of creating my own line of cards, that’s a ways off but the wheels are turning! I can say that I LOVE the ride I’m on right now! Thanks for reading!

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Creating my First Card Design