Crafty YTubers you Should Follow

I promised a Part 2 post from my “card kit subscription posthere. So, here we go! Today, we’re talking about crafty YouTubers that I recommend following. Now, before I get into this post, if I missed anyone (and I know I will), please don’t take it wrong. First, I may not know of them cause there are a gazillion amazing crafters out there and second, this list are the ones that I follow regularly because I’ve had success using their techniques and design ideas. Everyone of us is different so if you have your own list of YouTubers that speak to you, that’s great and keep on doing that! I’m only sharing my list with you hoping that will offer you more inspiration and new ideas!

It’s a given that we follow each other and it didn’t start with social media either. Think about it, how often have you gone to a movie based on a friend’s recommendation? Or, did you go to a specific retail outlet because your friend said they had a great sale where they shopped at? We read reviews before we buy to see what other people’s experiences were and that affects whether or not we buy that item or eat at that restaurant. We follow each other, social media just enhances what we’re able to see because mosttimes we might never meet in person.

When I started cardmaking, I knew I needed help and none of my friends are crafty so I turned to trusty ole YT. I don’t remember the first crafter I followed but my list quickly grew and pretty soon I was watching about 50+ crafters!! I’ve since narrowed down my list then cause there’s no way I can keep up with that many YT channels, so here’s my list that I regularly follow (and not in any particular order):

  • Lindsay, the Frugal Crafter. I have been following her for years. I like her down-to-earth attitude, she is an amazing artist and crafter plus every now and again she crochets! But, she is also about saving money on supplies while recommending products that will produce good results. I learned how to make pocket cards from scrapbook paper from her that I made for several of my journals and binders. Plus, she is just cool to watch!
  • Jennifer McGuire. She’s the queen of cardmaking techniques and I spend A LOT of time watching her! In fact, I must give credit to her for many of the products I bought and use in my own card designs. I also like that she donates much of her earnings to great causes. She is very giving, creative and I love hearing her sweet voice, I recommend watching her!
  • Kristina Werner. I just started watching her about a couple of months ago mainly because I want to learn watercoloring and she is an excellent watercolor artist and she uses it on a lot of her cards. She also uses techniques like ink blending with Distress and Distress Oxide inks which are some of my favorite for watercoloring. You’ll see her use other markers, colored pencils and brush pens to draw and on stamping.
  • Dawn Woleslagle with WPlus9. She came highly recommended from Jennifer McGuire and once I watched one of her videos, I was hooked!!! Her watercoloring techniques are near and dear to my heart. She is an amazing artist plus she is the founder and owner of WPlus9 where she designs stamps and dies and sells craft supplies. I’ve bought several products from her like her awesome Kraft cardstock paper! 
  • Maymay Made It. I’ve been following Maymay for many years too. She is a paper crafter who makes not just cards but just about anything with paper. She also is a maker of chalk couture, mini albums, journals and other paper crafts for the holidays. Maymay designs her own stamps that you can buy from her website or join her monthly stamp club. She and her husband, Vinnie, own their business where they sell craft products. She teaches classes in their shop, through her events and techniques for using supplies on her other YT channel, “Maymay’s Product Parade“. They both are devout Christians who share their devotionals on Sundays on YT and with their Facebook Group, “Hide His Word in your Heart“. If you like cooking, Vinnie has his own cooking YT channel, “Vinnie’s Vittles” where he whips up delicious dishes every Saturday.
  • Crystal Thompson. Another crafter I just started following because I love her bright and sophisticated cards plus she used the Zig Clean Color Brush pens for several of her cards which I bought the prior to finding her. These brush pens are perfect for watercoloring. Her videos are usually short but she packs a lot into them.
  • Simon Says Stamp. One of the main companies I shop at. I look forward to their monthly card kit reveals and card designs using their other card kits. Laura Bassen is one of the designers who shows off her own creations using many of their products. She has such a witty and happy personality and I love watching her. She also has her own YT channel here.
  • StampTV with Gina K. Gina of Gina K. Designs has some of most wonderful products of inks, cardstock, adhesives, stamp sets, you name it! I even own a line of her beautiful foils + I love using her, “Connect Glue Adhesive” which I use on just about all my cards. She is an amazing cardmaker!
  • Yana Smakula. Yana is an incredible card designer and I love her creations, they all have an elegant touch but also very easy to make. She hipped me to a set of washi tape designs by Alexandra Renke here and here for Christmas cards which I made last year. 
  • Cathy Zielske. She’s a new crafter on my list, I started watching her about a month ago and I keep watching her! Her teaching technique is so well put together and I can relate to how she designs her cards. She’s also learning watercoloring so that definitely resonates with me. I recommend her especially if you want to make easy but classy cards!
  • Justine Hovey. Justine is someone I’ve followed for awhile. She likes to make cards that are beautiful but not complicated. She focuses on creating cards that are easy to make and how to best stretch the supplies we crafters probably have on hand. She teams up with Laurel Beard to periodically teach free cardmaking classes from their Facebook page, “Free Virtual Cardmaking Classes“. You can watch their class videos there.
Well, that’s my list! You’re probably wondering what my list was like before I narrowed it down, right?! Well, believe me I did shrink it down so that it’s a lot more controllable for my schedule. Do you follow YTubers not my own list?, or maybe you follow most of these wonderful artists and cardmakers! The important thing to take away from this post is that we all learn differently and we identify with certain people from the way they teach and design.

Find your inspiration from those that resonate with your style and then add your own touches to make your cards…yours. Whatever and however you design, think of this…you’re making something pretty that has never existed before which will brighten up somebody’s day and perhaps their life. That’s HUGE.
Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!