When I’m not helping hubby run our photo business and helping clients, I crochet and loom knit! Plus, I make other crafts too!

Creating with Yarn is Fun.

I’m a Yarner! I love playing with it. There’s so much you can do even beyond crocheting and knitting. I so wish I could do this full time. That’s my dream job!

I work from my home studio with my hubby enjoying the West Coast scene! I’m originally a Chi-town girl growing up on the south side of Chicago, it was not a happy upbringing because of our surroundings but my mother made the best of the situation. I finally moved out when I turned 25 and went to live in Atlanta, Georgia. I stayed there five years and after my 1st husband passed away, I moved to North Florida. I lived there for about 18 years and that’s when I knew I was supposed to be some kind of artist.

I made a LOT of career changes until I realized my true love.

My career spanned from Word Processing to Network Administration and then Graphic Design. I enjoyed creating graphics but I longed to create with my hands. It wasn’t until two years ago moving with my 2nd hubby to Oregon that I got exposed to crocheting. I had learned it when I was 12 but only able to make one pattern: shawls. It was fine but I didn’t know how to read patterns or make anything else so I put down the crochet hooks for quite awhile. I began attending a woman’s crafting class at church and the bug really hit me. Since then, I can’t imagine a day going by without making something.

I’ve always admired knitting but too scared to learn it.

Late this year, I picked up loom knitting. I fell in love with it and I’ve made hats, scarves, even bags with my trusty looms. I’ve always admired the way knitted items look and oftentimes I wished that I could use traditional needles as well as the loom. Well, I’m teaching myself on YouTube needle knitting.

Creating is therapeutic, fulfilling, and a whole LOT of fun!

I started out crocheting just about everything: hats, purses, headbands, scarves, garments, fingerless gloves, you name it. And while I LOVE making these items, when I opened my Etsy store, I realized that I couldn’t make all these items and re-stock the store as often as needed. I’m the only person doing the creating, plus I still have a real job and I help hubby run his photography business. It was back to the drawing board for me. So, I had to re-structure my business. I closed my Etsy store for awhile while I re-thought my strategy.

What Do I Really Love to Make?

EVERYTHING! Now, of course I can’t so I try to narrow down to items easy and quick to make so I can easily re-stock my Etsy store. So, you’ll see accessories such as scarves, wraps, hats, and soon some baby blankets, animal hats and loveys! I’m also selling knitting supplies.

My Other Half

Ken McDougal
General Manager

Ken is a hard working man as I always say. “He drives me to exceed my limitations and he encourages me to get out of my comfort zone. I love him for that!” Ken assists with the daily shop stuff and manages all the shipping and handling. Besides this role, he is a successful professional nature photographer and runs his own business from their home studio. He has a permanent display at the local arts center, Florence Regional Arts Alliance, where he sells his photo prints from. In his personal life, he runs the sound at church.

We both love the place The Lord has brought us in our life since moving from Florida. If you want to know more about our faith, you can read it about here.

Keep visiting! I’m glad you stopped by to get to know me a little better! Keep visiting!

~ Kim McDougal, Owner