Collaborating with the Right Team Members

All of us come in many shapes and sizes and personalities, so shouldn’t it important to have the right people working on your team? It helps to first off know your own traits, work ethic, and how you like to communicate. In my case, I’m the touchy, feely type. I respond best when someone says, “hi Kim, can you do such and such?…” I also know that I don’t like to be direct when I communicate.

What types of personalities do I like working with?

I’ve worked with and still work with many different character-types and it’s really interesting to me how we all process information and communicate it back. The personality types that are compatible with my own are:

  • Creative and innovative. I love working with other people who have creative ideas to bring to the table. And especially in my field where I need to come up with solutions for web design on my day job. And, with crafting, it makes the project more fun to work with someone who has a lot of ideas like me.
  • Hard working. If you know me well, then you know I’m apt to stay up late finishing a deadline. So, working with someone who gets their hands dirty and works hard too is a plus for me.
  • Easy going. As I mentioned, I’m a touchy feely person so I like when someone is personable and easy to joke and laugh with.
  • Have passion for the project. If I work together with someone who believes as much in what we’re doing, it makes for a really good collaboration. And the final product or service will be that much better when everyone is excited and committed.
  • Communicative. I thrive on communication throughout a project. Sometimes, there are tasks assigned to a team member and you need to let the others know where you are with your individual job. It helps the project move forward and everyone stays on the same plane. I like having short meetings or conference calls to keep everyone updated, discuss new ideas, and to address any concerns. It’s really important to find people who like to communicate so that the other members don’t feel like they have to take on extra tasks or micro-manage.
What if I’m working with someone who doesn’t mesh well with my personality?

Great question. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with many types of people. While most were easy to get along with, some were not. What I found that helped me the most was first to discover what their characteristics were. Are they a direct, no-nonsense, get to the point kind of person? If so, give them only the facts and then offer a few suggestions for them to consider. If you’re writing up a sales proposal or business presentation, bullet points are really good for them because they can immediately see what they need to know.

Is the person a talker? Sometimes, you meet a nice person who loves to talk but you don’t always have time to listen to them. In this case, I take about a few minutes to engage them because I never want to make a person feel ignored. If the conversation is going too long, I will politely wait for an opening and then say something like, “well, I better get back to work, I still have a ton of things to do before the end of the day. It was nice talking with you.” Mosttimes, the person isn’t offended if they don’t feel rushed.

Negativity. I’ve worked with people who weren’t nice at all. So in that instance, I just try to be as kind as I can because it matters to me how I would like to be treated so I don’t want to mistreat another person. I keep my conversations short with a person who’s hard to work with and again I give them the information they ask without adding anything unless I’m asked. In this case, less is better. But, I do it kindly. Maybe they will see themselves and how they act and try to change it or maybe not. In any case, it’s my behavior and my conduct I’m more concerned with than theirs.

These are just my tips, I can’t guarantee you’ll have success if you take my advice, but I can say that knowing yours and others personalities does help in how you deal with them.

The flow of any project, work assignment, or volunteering depends a lot on the people’s ability to get along and work well together. So, what type of personalities do you like to work with? Tell me by commenting below!

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  1. sue james says:

    easy going and funny. Just like you.

  2. Hee hee! Thank you Sue! I enjoy working with you too!

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