Catching the Eclipse

Seeing my first eclipse was truly an amazing, awestruck experience. I was about 16 when it happened in ’79 and honestly I don’t remember it. I was in school in Chicago and probably wasn’t thinking at all about the stars.

Hubby and I geared up for this event making sure he had the right filter covering to protect his camera, our solar glasses, and prints ready to sell. We got an early start, 4 AM in the morning to be exact. We were greeted with heavy fog and we worried that it wouldn’t burn off in time to see the eclipse. In fact, we drove to a couple of places to try to find the best place to see it.

Finally, we drove back to our port and decided it park it there. Still so much fog, I could barely see the sun through my glasses. We prayed for God to move the fog cause it was so thick we couldn’t even see the river and beyond. And guess what? The fog burned off just in time. I met and hung out with three ladies who were traveling on vacation from Colorado and we all sat on one of the benches on the boardwalk and watched in amazement laughing, talking and getting to know each other. A lot of times when I’m out with hubby, I don’t always know what to do since his focus is on taking pics and I’m usually alone…so it was cool to have some friends to laugh and take selfies with!

So as the moon began to cover the sun (it looked like a cookie with bites in it), it got dark as if it was late evening and immediately the temps dropped and it got a bit nippy. Then the outside lights came on because they’re on sensors and it was about 10 AM at this point. Never have I seen it dark like this during daytime, just incredible!

Hubby setting up his gear for the Eclipse

Another thing I was glad of once the fog burned off, is that there was hardly any wind. We had had a really windy day before and I knew I wouldn’t be able to sit through that out near the river. After the moon moved away from the sun and it wasn’t dark anymore, the fog came back resting on the trees behind the river and it actually looked like snow capped mountains. I love moody shots like that. I wish I knew how to capture on camera what my eyes see.

Finally the fog burned off altogether and the sun shone brightly after that. I feel so blessed that God is in control and I just stand in awe of His creation. My new friends left as they were making plans for the next day so we said our goodbyes but not before we exchanged phone numbers and emails.

Hubby and I headed home extremely tired but also on cloud 9! It was one of the best days I’ve had in a long while. 🙂


  1. sue james says:

    That was a wonderful day for us!

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