Bring Out your Creativity

I think it’s fun to play with colored pencils, markers, stamps, and papers! You don’t have to be an artist to bring out your creativity. I like adult coloring books for example, they’re a way to unwind and just play with colors.

And, there’s all kinds of ways to use colored images; for example, they can be turned into greeting cards or pasted onto cardstock to turn into postcards, bookmarkers, or even matted and framed for a beautiful wall hanging art piece.

Some of my favorite art tools are my fine point sharpies in different colors + I really like my black fine point artist pen by Faber Castell. It’s terrific for drawing and illustrating but also for writing on really thin papers because it doesn’t bleed through.

I have lots of different markers for coloring and my favorites are Blendy Pens twists which usually come 11 to a pack but the pens have two different colors to one pen so you get 22 different colors. They’re also really good for air brushing.

If you haven’t done adult coloring books before but you’d like to try them, here’s some places that you can download some free adult coloring pages. And, if you’re new to this art form, I suggest purchasing just a set of watercolor pencils so you can see if you like it before buying more pens and markers. And, you can find some in craft and even thrift stores.

Here’s a list of some free adult coloring pages that you can download:

  1. I love coloring flowers and I think you will too. Try this page on Trails of Colors.
  2. Perhaps you want to freehand it. Try this abstract coloring page on Trails of Colors.
  3. Thaneeya from Art is Fun has a page of several coloring images such as abstract, an owl, flowers, a sandcastle and more.

I hope you try this if you haven’t because I think it’s such a relaxing and fun way to spend some “me” time!