Today is National Doughnut Day

photo by Arthur Gatilao
Today is a special day. Special indeed for all us donut or “doughnut” lovers! Selected bakeries like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts usually give away a free doughnut on this day and if you’re like me, you’d be fighting to be the first one there! LOL! So what is your favorite kind?, glazey, powdery, cake, twists? Tell me, I really want to know! I think mine is glazey and then a close second would be a berry-filled donut! Love the idea of biting into a raspberry-filled goodness!

photo by alanagkelly
 My favorites, glazed with sprinkles and chocolate covered!
photo by Tudokin
Mini donuts with powdered sugar on top! Yummy! Enjoy the day and Happy Doughnut Day!

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