Chocolate, Biscuits, Nutella and Coffee for Breakfast

chocolate, biscuits, nutella and coffee

Nothing at all wrong with chocolate biscuits for breakfast with coffee and bananas! I say it’s a winning combination!

Pancakes and Plums

Pancakes and Plums

You know, I love plums but I had never thought of having them alongside pancakes. I will have to try this because I love the tangy taste of plums next to the sweetness of a pancake with maple syrup, are you hungry yet?!

Arm your Day with an Omelette


Omelettes to me are like pizzas because they are so adaptable to whatever toppings you want. It’s like an blank canvas that can be as artistic as the painter wants. This one is the traditional version for breakfast with olives, tomatoes, cheese and of course eggs. If you want, you can add ham, bacon or sausage.

French Toast with Bacon

french toast

I think every now and again it’s okay to splurge on breakfast. French toast, bacon and cherries is that kind of dish that comes to mind.

Start Easter with a Healthy Breakfast

Corn Flakes with Strawberries

Easter morning would be great to start with a healthy bowl of corn flakes and fresh strawberries. Fruit on the side is a great addition especially the berries in this photo cause they are so good for us and contains the good sugars.