Protein for Breakfast

Hubby and I have started adding more protein to our diets and he absolutely love eggs and tomatoes, also he like salami. This portion is perfect to get the day off right.

Season it Up with Peppers

I’m not a big peppers fan, in fact I don’t use them in my cooking at all. However, I know many cooks love them and my mother was one of them. This photo was so well taken that I just had to share it!

Powdered Sugar Pancakes

As many times that I’ve eaten pancakes, I don’t remember ever having them topped with powdered sugar. I’ve had them with whipped cream and of course fruit so I think next time I’m in the mood for flap jacks, I’m topping them with powdered sugar with some raspberries!

It All Starts with the Right Ingredients

Any good dish has to start with the best ingredients and here’s a few of them here: chard, potatoes, salt and pepper, salisfy (parsnips), and kale. Other great ingredients I typically like to use is tomatoes, cabbage, green beans, corn, parsley, dill, ginger, and sweet onions.