About Beautiful Food Photos

I started this blog years ago to celebrate the best food photography from all over the globe.

I’m Kim and from age 12, I’ve always enjoyed cooking. I started my first cooking blog, ORMG (Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet) in 2003 and it ran successfully for three years. 

From there, I opened Treats of Sweets showcasing my love of desserts and I Love Salads for the greenery lover in me. All of these blogs allowed me to meet some great foodies along the way. After I closed down my cooking blogs to expand my brand, I still had a longing for a foodie blog in some way. But one that I didn’t have to do a lot of work on.

I decided to delve into food photography which allows me to still have a hand in the foodie world but without all the work involved in producing blog content. I hand pick really good food photography that I think would be appealing and post it!

You’ll find some recipes, but not every food posting has an accompanying recipe. It’s much easier for me to run this blog that way. I hope the pics will inspire you to get in the kitchen and whip up something good to eat!

For questions, you can contact me on my main blog at kimmcdougal.com. Thanks for coming!