About Beautiful Food Photos

Hi! I’m Kim and welcome! “Beautiful Food Photos” celebrates the best food photography from all over the globe.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking from a little girl. I started my first cooking blog, ORMG (“Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet“) in 2003 and it ran successfully for three years. It’s closed down but there’s still some recipes there and I leave online to look at kinda like a photo album or scrapbook.

From ORMG spanned other cooking blogs like: “Treats of Sweets“, a dessert blog and “I Love Salads“. Along the way, I’ve met some great foodie buddies. After I closed down all my cooking blogs to focus on my small business, I still had a longing to have a foodie blog in some way, but one that I didn’t have to do a lot of work on.

Delving into food photography made sense to me because it allows me to still have a hand in the foodie world but without all the work involved in producing recipes, photos, editing, content, etc.

The food photos you see are hand picked by me from free sites on the internet and posted here for viewing only. This site is a private blog and doesn’t earn revenues.

Some of my early entries may have accompanying recipes, but most don’t. I hope you’ll just enjoy the blog and appreciate the photography.

For questions, feel free to contact me here. Thanks for coming!