Our Story...We are Makers


Kim McDougal

I’m Kim, Welcome to my World!


My career began in business and secretarial studies. I learned to type early and that skill landed me many jobs but I was never fully happy. Something was missing but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. All I knew at the time was I wanted to do something creative and work with my hands. My career translated to word processing and to network administration. I found that I liked computers a lot so I moved into software and hardware repair. But, when my first husband passed away, my world turned upside down.

For years, I didn’t think I could actually call myself an “artist” because I don’t have formal art training.

For about 11 years, I was lost. I moved to Florida to start life over again and it was working as a word processor that things turned. I learned graphic design on the job and loved it. The two things I was good at came together: creating graphics and working on computers. That transitioned me into web design creating websites and blogs for clients several years using WordPress. Though I enjoyed creating graphics, that craving to create with my hands was still strong as ever. I prayed for a few years what to do. As time passed, I was able to move on again with my life and I owe it all to Jesus, my Savior.

I re-married in 2001, to my wonderful husband Ken, and then in 2012, we moved to Oregon. We both love the place The Lord has brought us in our life since moving from Florida. If you want to know more about our faith in Christ, you can read it about here.

This is where I started crafting with yarn. I made hundreds of items from 2012 to 2018 but because of health concerns, I had to stop crocheting and knitting to save my hands and shoulders. Crafting is such a part of me so there was no way I would quit the industry entirely. I got interested in cardmaking again (I dabbled a bit in it prior) and I began following a few cardmakers on YouTube, soon I was hooked!

By day, I work a full-time job for the First Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I’m their Director of Interactive Communications where I manage their website, email marketing, database management and graphics, plus a lot of other things too! But at night, I get creative!

So in the evenings, I make greeting cards for my eBay shop. In 2021, I opened my 2nd shop on Etsy, “Kim’s Studio Art“. This is where I create, design and sell art printables for vintage, minimalist or farmhouse home or office décor spaces. I use software tools that I’ve had for years and I buy illustration collections and then create my own art from them. The pieces are downloadable after purchase and can be printed from a home printer, a local print shop or uploaded to an online printing service. And all the artwork is high resolution that can be printed up to 16″ x 20”.

My hubby has been a professional photographer for over 20 years.

Hubby recently went into semi-retirement but to continue working which he loves to do, he owns 2 eBay stores where he sells vintage postcards and old photographs. He really enjoys it and it makes me happy that he’s working from home. We scaled back tremendously from the many years of professional portrait, wedding photography and selling his stock photography in local shows. He now offers some of his work at Ken McDougal Photography.

We are indeed makers, creating is our life and we are so blessed to understand each other’s crafts and be supportive. Thanks for reading!

Kim is also the creator, writer and designer of Growing Up in Grace“, where she shares her own faith in Jesus and writes devotionals plus she’s the designer behind Beautiful Food Photoswhere she showcases mouthwatering food photos from photographers all over the world.