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Konnichwa! I’m Kim, Welcome to my Site! For years, I didn’t think I could actually call myself an “artist” because I don’t have formal art training. My background began in business and secretarial studies. I learned to type early and that skill earned me many jobs but I was never fully happy. Something was missing but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. All I knew at the time was I wanted to do something creative and work with my hands. My career spanned from word processing to network administration and I found that I liked computers a lot so I moved into software and hardware repair. When my first husband passed away, my world turned upside down.

For about 11 years, I wandered further and further into darkness. My faith in Christ had been strong before that but I fell apart after he died. I moved to Florida to start again and it was working as a word processor that things turned. I was able to learn on the job graphic design and I loved it. The two things I was good at came together…creating graphics and working on computers. That transitioned me into web design and I created websites for several years using WordPress. Though I enjoyed creating graphics, that craving to create with my hands never left me. I prayed for a few years what to do. When my 2nd hubby and I moved to Oregon, I started crafting with yarn and now with cards. Hubby and I both love the place The Lord has brought us in our life since moving from Florida. If you want to know more about our faith, you can read it about here.

I’ve made hundreds of items from 2012 to 2018 but because of health concerns, I quit fiber arts to save my hands and shoulders. Crafting is such a part of me that there was no way I quit the industry entirely. I started getting interested in cardmaking and I began following a few cardmakers on YouTube and I was hooked! Now I’m making cards for my Etsy shop…I love being a card designer. I also promote products from brands I shop with that you’ll see here on the blog using my affiliate links (meaning when you make purchases using these links, your orders allows me to make a small commission that helps support my business. And, there’s no additional cost to you.)

I hope you’ll stick around and shop a bit. And if you have questions, you can press the contact button on the right side or chat live with me weekdays from 2 PM – 7 PM PST. Thanks for stopping by!

Kim is also the creator, writer and designer of Growing Up in Grace“, a devotional-type blog meant for inspirational writings to help others grow in their faith in God and the designer behind Beautiful Foodwhere she showcases her love for food photos with pics from photographers.

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