A New Morning Routine

I’ve been so proud of myself the past couple of months. I’m talking about laying off the bad sugars. Anyone close to me knows how much I LOVE desserts. But, I developed a really bad habit of eating something sugarly sweet everyday and oftentimes several times a day everyday. And, I was doing this a lot! Of course, I noticed weight gain, but even worse… my feet were swollen for months. So much so that it hurt to wear my shoes and there were times I couldn’t walk without pain.

At first I thought it was the sparkling water I was drinking in conjunction with the dessert eating and while I can’t prove it, I just had to get off both. One day, after praying to God for healing I knew I had made up my mind to stop the bad sugar intake. I began replacing it with fresh fruits like grapes, berries, and apples. All of these have those natural juices that’s sweet enough to take away my cravings for a piece of cake or pie. I think I noticed a difference a month later when I didn’t want something sweet.

I replaced my drink with plain water mixed with lemon. I also like apple cider but I try to mix it up so that I do get my water in. Plus that, I also noticed I don’t need to eat big portions to get full. A saucer size plate is just fine. I’m full all through the night and I don’t get hungry till breakfast time. I didn’t think eating desserts would make me stay hungry! The next big thing I noticed was that my feet are now normal and have been for the past couple of months. No swelling at all. Thank you Jesus for telling me what to do! I still have a long way to go but boy do I feel better that I’m on my way.

So, now my morning routine has changed which sorry it took so long to get to what this post is about. I had to say all that to explain why I changed my morning ritual. But now when I get up after making up the bed and washing up, this is the order of things:

  1. Prayer first. I wasn’t being consistent and I could tell by the end of the day which days were good and which were a struggle. I must start my day with God before opening email or checking social media.
  2. Cook my meals for the day. I usually cook something separate for hubby and then myself. This way I don’t have to cook 3 times a day. I have my breakfast/lunch/dinner all done. All I have to do is warm up what dish I’m eating. My breakfast might even just be a bowl of cereal. Easy peasy!
  3. Start my day job. I like to write on paper my daily game plan, it’s a to-do list of all the day’s deadlines and tasks. I check off each one as I get it done. And if I don’t get something done that day, I roll it to the next day.
  4. Take a break. In the late afternoon, I take a break and catch up on household stuff or just go sit and look out the window for 30 minutes. It helps to clear my brain.

The rest of my day concludes with work I do for hubby and any crafting I’m doing for myself. I really like my new routine cause it helps me each day to know what I’m doing. I have more energy with a schedule that I can stick to.

I want to put in some exercise, but haven’t figured out how yet. Something to shoot for, for sure! For now, I’m a much more happy person in the morning although I’m not a morning person! LOL!!

How do you get your mornings started?